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Good Denture Care Equals a Happy Mouth

dental supplierJust because you have dentures doesn’t mean you can stop taking proper care of your mouth. Dentures, along with your gums, still need to be properly cleaned with the appropriate dental hygiene products. Those wearing dentures are actually at an increased risk of developing medical conditions such as gum disease and fungal infections. Your gums, tongue, and palate should all be brushed with a soft bristle brush before inserting dentures and again when removing them. Plaque can still accumulate on the gums.

Also brush the dentures gently after use to remove any food or debris from the course of the day. It should come as no surprise that you need to soak them in a special cleaning solution. Ask your dentist what dentist supplies he recommends. Putting your dentures in cleanser is not a replacement for brushing. Dentures aren’t cheap so you want to take extra special care of them, not to mention you don’t want to have further oral hygiene problems.

When you first receive dentures, it will take some time to get used to them and adapt. You will experience some minor discomfort and might have trouble talking and eating. Chew food slowly to build up your confidence and comfort levels. With some practice, talking will become easier. Soon the dentures will feel like your own teeth.

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    Category : Uncategorized Posted on October 2, 2011