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Dental Chairs

Our Advanced Dentistry Centre, treatments begin in luxurious dental chairs with ergonomically designed contoured lumbar support for maximum comfort. Chairs are equipped with cable television facilities and DVD on demand. Ipods loaded with your favourite music or BOSE noise-cancelling headphones are also available during your treatment. 

Steven Weber S 250 Dental Chair and Unit (Italy) with BIENAIR Air Turbines and Motors (Switzerland) EMS Peizo Scalers (Switzerland)

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  • State-of-the-art dental chair with sleek design
  • Comfortable ergonomic design that adjusts to each patient’s needs
  • Backrest that cradles and contours to provide optimal cushioning and back support
  • Adjustable, extendable headrest
  • Attached advanced hygiene system
  • Attached automatic disinfection device
  • Most advanced inbuilt digital technology and multimedia applications

Aidec Dental Chair and Unit (USA)

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  • World’s most progressive dental chair
  • Smooth, rounded surfaces that are also very child-friendly; no bumps or cuts will result from any sudden movements
  • Slim-profile and plush headrest coupled with neckrest that slides with the patient’s head movement
  • Anatomically contoured backrest and seat cushion designed to provide exceptional lumbar support
  • Modular design allows patients to choose ideal positioning

ANTHOS A6 Plus Dental Chair Unit (Italy) with BIENAIR Air Turbines & Motors (Switzerland) EMS Peizo Scalers (Switzerland) 

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  • Most advanced chair available for dental surgery: Anthos is to dental surgery what a Ferrari is to cars
  • Offers superb efficiency, reliability, hygiene and performance
  • Ergonomic instrument layout ensures maximum comfort for the patient and convenience for the surgeon
  • Chair design with various adjustable options provides total operating comfort for the surgeon and patient
  • Anthos has two fitted disinfection systems 
    O. D. R. Anti Retraction 
    U. V. System

It is impossible to overdo luxury ~ French Proverb