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Dental Tourism


Dental Tourism


It is remarkable that along with the countries of awe-inspiring natural beauty such as Switzerland, New Zealand, Mauritius and other splendid nations, the Indian subcontinent is also frequented by visitors across the globe. However, the preference of visitors for India is largely on account of the pristine beauty of the Himalayan region and the splendid locations of Himachal and Kashmir though notably, India is currently considered as the hot spot for tourists around the world for the top-rated and cost-effective dental and overall medical facilities available in the country.

Amongst all medical treatments, dental implant and other dental treatment therapies are highly sought after by patients throughout the world and as dental treatment in India is cheaper than the dental solutions offered at hospitals in the US, UK and other first rated countries to a significant extent, dental tourism has emerged as a major source of revenue collection in India.

Visiting a foreign location to avail low-cost dental treatment facilities is termed dental tourism, more specifically dental tourism is a part of the medical tourism sector and it signifies vacationing while availing the advantages of comprehensive dental care. Pertaining to dental tourism, it is notable that this phenomenon is facilitated by the cost difference of the dental healthcare system of different countries.

People from the US, UK or other nations where medical treatment is expensive can obtain dental solutions, namely, dental implants, bleaching, gum treatment, porcelain veneers, fixed teeth replacement and various other dental therapies at a fraction of the price charged in their own countries by visiting dental clinics located in Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerela and Goa. These Indian states offer state-of -art dental clinics providing almost all types of dental solutions such as child dentistry, gum treatment and surgeries, mobile teeth solution, crowns and bridges, fitting braces, tooth extraction and many other dental treatments. Alongside providing state-of-the-art dental surgery and top-rated dental therapies, Kerala, Goa and other key areas where dental tourism is flourishing rapidly, also offer the opportunity to enjoy mind-blowing natural and tranquil landscapes as well as mouth watering delicacies.

It is especially important to note that India has gained worldwide recognition as the topmost dental tourism destination on account of its top-notch infrastructure and high technology that is capable of rivaling the dental healthcare available anywhere else in the world. India is equipped with the best hospitals as well as treatment centers providing the best facilities in the world and further as the dental healthcare system in the country has gained tremendous government support and approval, the dental tourism industry in the country is growing by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, it is practically advantageous to consider visiting the popular dental clinics in India if you are aiming to undergo dental implant or other dental treatments. Moreover, if you are not a beneficiary of dental insurance, the costly dental treatments available in your home country can be quite burdensome. To enjoy a fun filled vacation along with getting the right dental treatment visit India and avail the double benefit.

The worldwide popularity of Indian dental tourism is made apparent by startling statistics that reveal that around 28 per cent patients from the European countries and 21 per cent patients from North America have contributed to the growth of dental tourism in India.

Finally, considering the alarming proportion to which dental problems are capable of putting your health at risk and by taking the fact into account that there is a serious relationship between advanced gum disease and stroke, heart disease and bacterial pneumonia, it becomes highly essential for you to obtain dental treatment if you are suffering from a dental ailment. And for top-rated dental solutions at inexpensive rates, none but the Indian subcontinent is the ideal destination.

Dental Tourism in India offers you the following benefits/services:

  • Cost-effective and tailor-made dental packages.
  • Arrangement for quality dental treatment in top-rated dental clinics and hospitals offering special and personalized treatment for foreign patients.
  • Immediate check-up after arrival at hospitals/clinics without subjecting you to long waiting hours.
  • Flights, visa arrangement and accommodation facility provided to all international patients.
  • Effective coordination with doctors and hospitals would be carried out on your behalf.
  • A special channel of communication to be established to keep informing relatives at your home country about your treatment.
  • Special arrangement for holidaying after recuperation.



Ever wondered what would it be like if getting treated for ailments and medical problems becomes interesting and fun filled? Impossible isn't it? But the truth is that it is possible now! Medical tourism is the answer. This phenomenal new method of getting treated has grown extremely popular in nations around the world and involves people traveling to other countries to obtain medical, dental, and surgical care while at the same time touring, exploring and experiencing the attractions of the country one is visiting. It is a growing business in Asia. Foreigners often come to this side of the continent to get therapies and treatments, which are extremely expensive in their own countries.

The recent growth in medical tourism has been due to exorbitant costs of healthcare in industrialized nations, ease and affordability of international travel, rapidly improving technology and standards of care in many countries, and most importantly the proven safety of healthcare in select foreign nations. With a whole gamut of medical treatments like joint replacements, facial and dental surgeries to cancer care, nations are drawing a stupendous number of patients from abroad.

India has always lured its fair share of tourists, drawn to the country's awe-inspiring travel scene marked by its Temples, the breathtaking Himalayas and its rich culture. But this attraction is gaining ground due to the cost of medical treatment, which is 1/5 of costs in the West. A study has indicated that the increasing number of foreign patients flocking to India for treatment could propel the country's earning to Rs.100 billion (US$ 2.3 billion) through 'Medical Tourism' by 2012.
The Confederation of Indian Industry and Mckinsey consultants jointly conducted a study and concluded that the number foreigners visiting India for treatment is expected to rise by 15 percent every year.

India is promoting its healthcare sector as a tourist attraction. Today Indian doctors have become a mighty influence in medicine across the world – from North America and Great Britain to East Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore. High health care costs in developed countries, has patients looking overseas for medical treatment. Taking advantage of this, India is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these medical tourists. The quality of services found in India is often better than found in United States or UK. Add to this the cheap airfare and traveling cost which means that people in need have the options to combine their medical requirements with tourism at practically no extra expense.  The western countries do not cover insurance for Maxillo facial and dental surgeries, so India is becoming the preferred destination for these treatments.

India’s finest-rated education system is not only churning out the best of computer programmers and engineers, but also an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 doctors and nurses every year. To promote the concept, government is helping in issuing medical visas to the country, which in turn will bring more and more health tourists. Its leadership in the industry of medical tourism has led its estimate of 40 percent growth turn into reality this year. The country is not only improving as a tourist destination but also a medical tourism destination where various medical treatments are performed by qualified professionals using the latest technology at par with western standards at only a fraction of the price. The growth of medical tourism in Indian sector has now alarmed the U.S. based hospitals because of the rapid growth of patients coming to India to accomplish medical treatments by being attracted to lower costs and apt services.

The good thing about India is that it excels in allopathic treatments as well as various streams of alternate treatments like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy, which are very popular abroad.

Usually a Health Tourism company is a team of Doctors, Travel Agents, Associate Partnered Hospitals, Travel Agents and Insurance Brokers.

The entire thing is a combo of the following services:

  1. Access to state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, Access to leading medical institutions and doctors
  2. Flexible and tailor made package
  3. Arranging treatment at Medical Centers that offer quality and personal treatment to International patients
  4. Organizing flights, visa and accommodation
  5. Coordinating treatment and correspondence on your behalf
  6. Liaising with the doctors and Hospitals who will be treating you
  7. Saving waiting time for treatments
  8. A support line for your relatives and friends back home
  9. Arranging recuperation holidays
  10. Transfer to airport and departure


Start with our tips for taking the ultimate travel plunge: going to India for the first time.

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1. Choose your route wisely

Think about what interests you, what you like doing, and tailor your trip accordingly. The itineraries section at the front of Lonely Planet India can be a great help here.

The most popular India tour is the all-time classic Golden Triangle. Clichéd, yes, but if time is short this is a fantastic introduction to three of India’s very best destinations. Start in Delhi (Hamayun’s Tomb, Old Fort) before hitting Agra (Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri) then Jaipur (Pink City, fort at Amber). Head back to Delhi’s wonderful bazaars for a final shopping spree before you fly home.

And if you have more specific interests:

Shopping – Delhi
Beaches – Goa
Trekking – Himachal Pradesh
Yoga – Rishikesh
Food – everywhere!
Tigers – Madhya Pradesh
Thrill-seekers – Manali
Religious fervour – Varanasi
Just chilling – Kerala

2. Slow down

Too many people try to cram too much into a visit to India. Don’t be one of them. Seeing one place slowly is so much more rewarding than seeing many places in a flash. You’ll be less stressed, gain a deeper understanding of where you are and have more time to build relationships with the people you meet.

3. Avoid the crowds

One billion locals gets a bit too much for some travellers, but India also has plenty of quiet retreats. If you need to escape the crowds in the sprawling cities, consider heading south to the backwaters of Kerala, north to Tibetan-influenced mountainous regions such as Ladakh or paying a visit to one of India’s many hill stations.

4. Stay healthy

Avoid tap water, and any food that may have been washed in it, at all times. No ice, no salads and no fruit you haven’t just peeled yourself.

Many travellers go veggie whilst in India. It’s not a bad idea. A dodgy bit of meat will do you a lot more harm than slightly undercooked vegetables. Plus, many Indians are vegetarian, so there’s a fabulous choice of vegetarian food. If you do eat meat, make sure it’s well cooked. If in doubt, eat at a place that’s packed with locals.

Toilets are notoriously bad in India, but they don’t have to be health hazards. Consider using the left-hand-and-water-jug method preferred by many locals (it is, after all, so much more hygienic than using dry paper), but don’t forget to carry soap with you so you can wash your hands properly afterwards.

5. Keep cool

India is renowned for its touts and scams, for its in-yer-face hassles and for being generally bloody hectic. There are various ways you can reduce the chances of being overcharged or just plain cheated (see scams in India), but there’s no way you can avoid them altogether, so the single most important piece of advice for any India first-timer is to try to remain calm, no matter what. Frustrations boil over easily in India, and being able to control them, take a deep breath and move on, is key to enjoying your overall experience.

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