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Dental Implants help you Smile Again

If you’ve lost a tooth, you have the option of restoring it with a Dental Implant.

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For years, the only choices for people with lost teeth were bridges and dentures. When you lost teeth, you also lost facial support. That’s serious. Your bite would start to collapse and your facial features would become distorted.

Aged, worn, and missing teeth can add years onto the look of your smile and face.

Today’s dental implants don’t just restore missing teeth, they can improve the appearance of your face and smile.

Rejuvenate Your Smile

With the miracle of Dental Implants, you get another chance at health and beauty. You can restore missing teeth AND rejuvenate your smile and facial features.

A worn-down bite can be rebuilt. This adds height back to a face that has gradually collapsed from worn down teeth. It’s amazing what a few extra millimeters of teeth can do for your overall appearance.

Dental Implants India can replace those missing teeth with dental implants that will provide new support for your bite and face.


How Do Dental Implants Work?

To receive a dental implant, you need healthy gums and good bone support. Your West Toronto Implant Dentist will surgically implant a metal post into your jawbone, beneath the gums, at the location of the missing tooth. Once this artificial root has healed, areplacement tooth can be mounted onto the post.

You can begin chewing your favorite foods again.

A dental implant is designed to last a long time.  The “10-year survival rate” is very high, depending on where it’s placed in the mouth and how well you care for it.

Be sure to maintain regular visits to your dentist.


What Can I Expect with Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implants often require different stages of  surgery. To start, schedule a comprehensive dental exam with your Implant Dentist. You will need dental X-rays and models made of your mouth to prepare for your dental implant surgery. Special 3D imagesare often needed to help determine the thickness and density of your bone.

During the surgery, you’ll be given local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. You can chooseSedation-Sleep Dentistry as an option. Most people are pleasantly surprised that the surgery is not nearly as complicated or difficult as they anticipated.

After the dental implant post is placed in your jawbone, there’s typically a healing periodwhere we wait for the bone to grow around the implant. Once healing is complete, the actual tooth component is placed and you can begin chewing your favorite foods again.


Caring for Your Dental Implant

The beauty of dental implants is you can care for them as you do the rest of your smile. Treat them like real teeth, with frequent brushing and flossing.

Dental Implants are vulnerable to gum infections just like your natural teeth.  Daily hygiene maintenance is essential for long-term health.

Tips for maintaining your new Dental Implant:

Placing and restoring dental implants requires precision.
  1. An electric brush is helpful to getting in and around your Dental Implant. Choose a high-quality brush such as the Oral-B or Sonicare.
  2. Cleaning between your implant and the adjacent teeth is important. Floss and other devices such as a Sulcabrush or Proxabrush will remove any food particles or bacterial plaque from around margin of where your implant crown meets the gumline.
  3. An antibacterial mouthrinse can help reduce plaque buildup around your implant. Avoid alcohol-based rinses that are harsh to your oral tissues.
  4. Visit your Toronto Implant Dentist in Etobicoke for regular dental checkup and hygiene maintenance.  An interval of every 3-4 months is advised to ensure the long-term health of your Dental Implant.


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