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Akshay Multi specialty & Dental Implant Center

Dental Tourism Associate In Madhya Pradesh

At  Dental Tourism India we have a huge list of affiliates and clinics all across India. A strict enrollment policy ensures that we have the highest standards in all over India. Please feel free to browse through various clinics and affiliates. Any queries are welcome at [email protected].

Akshay Multispeciality Dental clinic & Implant Centre were started by Dr.Akshay Gupta, who completed his Masters in Prosthdontics,Implantology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics from BHARTI VIDYAPEETH DENTAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL, PUNE in 2009 and thereafter successfully completed  Advanced Training in Placement of Specilised Single and Double Piece Implants. He joined as senior lecturer in dept. of Prosthodontics in Hitkarni Dental College Jabalpur.

DR. AKSHAY GUPTA specializes in prosthodontics and is the first post graduate dentist in the region. He specializes in placement of dental and oro facial implants . Other areas of kneen interest include treatment of neuromuscular disorders of joints of the jaws. Dr akshay is involved in academics and is a lecturer at hitkarni dental college jabalpur. Private practice is still his main domain. In a short duration, he has made a mark for himself in and around the region.




Presently the Director of the Dental Department at GUPTA NURSING HOME.

DR. NIKITA GUPTA did her BDS from HITKARNI DENTAL COLLEGE JABALPUR. She is presently the Director of the dental department at Gupta Nursing Home. Dr Nikita specializes in all major and minor oral surgeries related to gums and extractions or removal of teeth




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Our practice utilizes the very latest dental technology, techniques and materials to ensure you receive the very best individual treatment and quality results with maximum comfort. Our aim is to achieve precision in every step we perfrom.


Comfortable and ergonomic dental chairs which make your treatment duration pleasant and tireless.

Instant delivery, High definition, low radiation digital X-rays which is medically beneficial to patient and operator.

State of art infection control protocols

Autoclave with cycle monitoring systems

Ultra violet chamber to disinfect all instruments.

High quality, fibreoptic hand pieces reducing the vibration during preparation of teeth, beneficial for the long life of the tooth.


Fully computerized state of art digital dental chairs. 

Electrocautery for painless faster surgeries and bleeding control.

24 hour emergency unit to deal with all major and minor traumas.

Computerized patient management system for convenience of patient appointments, referrals and management.



Significantly Less Radiation Exposure: Digital sensors require only 10% radiation as compared to conventional x ray films. This result is a significantly reduced radiation exposure to patients. This makes the entire procedure of making radiographs simpler and biologically safer.

Enhancement of Images: Digital images can be enhanced using software, thus more diagnostic information can be made available to the dentist from caries detection to enlargement of x-rays everything is possible now. Dental radiology was never so simple and convienent!!

Environmentally Friendly: With digital X-Rays, there are no toxic chemicals like lead involved.

Save time: Unlike films which take 4-5 min to be processed, digital X rays show up instantly on the computer screen. They can be easily viewed by patients and transmitted electronically to other specialists for a second opinion. Patient can be made to understand every minute detail with ease on the screen.


People rarely have a clear idea of the actual state of their dental health. Even with lights and mirrors it is hard to see what the dentist can .

We use intraoral cameras, so during your check up, you can sit comfortably back in the chair and get ready to learn about what’s going on in your mouth. The dentist or hygienist will place a pen-sized, camera into your mouth. Covered with a disposable plastic sheath to prevent contamination, the wand simply takes a video of the inside of your mouth and transmits the images to a computer screen that you can comfortably view from your dental chair. We can point out problem areas and explain recommendations for treatment, so you’ll become an informed partner in your dental treatment instead of a clueless bystander.


It has become an important communication tool for us.

The ability to communicate the appearance of a tooth to the laboratory can be significantly improved with the use of photography. A picture supposedly is “worth a thousand words”. Helps the dental technician understand the colour size of tooth more accurately resulting in more accurate treatment.


 Diagnosis And Treatment Planning Is Very Important In The Success Of Any Tretment.We Are One Of The Very Few Sets Up In The World To Possess Our Very Own OPG X-ray Machine. This Enables Us To Make Detailed X-rays of The Entire Jaws. This Enables Us To Take Notice of Every Minute Detail And Makes Our Treatment More Accurate And Better.


Dental Tourism  Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh, situated in the centre of India, is often called the heart of India. It is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The state has two hill ranges Vindhya and Satpura that have traditionally served as boundary markers between north and south India .

Experience Bandhavgarh,Khajurao,Pench,Panchmari & Marble Rocks along with superlative Dental care.Now at the cost of a single procedure abroad,you can wing your way in,get your treatment done and enjoy an exotic holiday.So pack your bags and get ready to say "CHEESE".It can't get better than this.

 Bandhavgarh has been an excellent habitat of tiger and is known for the highest density of tigers in the world. Considering the importance and potentiality of the National park, it was included in the Project Tiger Network in 1993. Bandhavgarh National Park is an unspoilt national habitat for a variety of wildlife peculiar to the area. These includes gaur (Indian bison), sloth bear, leopard, porcupine, wild boar, sambhar and spotted deer, among others and of course, the tiger.

 Khajuraho,a UNESCO world heritage site in central India is a famous tourist and archaeological site known for its sculptured temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Jain patriarchs. Khajuraho extended over 21 sq. km and contained about 85 temples built by multiple rulers from about 950 to 1050. In the late 11th century the Chandela, in a period of chaos and decline, moved to hill forts elsewhere. Khajuraho continued its religious importance until the 14th century (Ibn Batuta was impressed by it) but was afterwards largely forgotten; its remoteness probably saved it from the desecration that Muslim conquerors generally inflicted on Hindu monuments. In 1838 a British army captain, TS Burt, employed by the Asiatic Society in Calcutta, came upon information that led him to the rediscovery of the complex of temples in the jungle in Khajuraho.

Of the 85 original temples-most constructed of hard river sandstone-about 20 are still reasonably well preserved. Both internally and externally the temples are richly carved with excellent sculptures that are frequently sensual and, at times, sexually explicit. The temples are divided into three complexes-the western is the largest and best known, containing the magnificent Shaivite temple Kandariya Mahadev, a 31m high agglomeration of porches and turrets culminating in a spire. Modern Khajuraho is a small village, serving the tourist trade with hotels and an airport. Khajuraho's name derives from the prevalence of khajur, or date palms, in the area.   

Pench Tiger Reserve is named after the Pench river, which flows from north to south through the Reserve. The Reserve is located in the southern reaches of the Satpura hill ranges in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. The terrain is undulating, with most of As the prey concentration is high along the Pench river, tigers usually inhabit this belt. Leopards, though, generally operate in the peripheral areas but are occasionally seen in deep forests also. Jungle cats are commonly seen. Leopard cats, Small Indian Civets and Palm Civets are common but seen very rarely.

 Panchmari,the single hill station in Madhya Pradesh,  is a large flat terrain, circled by the snooty knolls of the Satpura range. Its countryside is characterized by rocky hills, woody forests and deep canyons. The lustrous greenery combined with the majestic hills and the cascading waterfalls presents eye-catching scenery to the observer. One among the main attractions of this hilly resort is the spectacular sight it provides when the sun sets in the horizon.

 In Pachmarhi, the magnificence of nature is well complimented by the hands of man. Large-scale excavations in this hilly terrain reveal so many ancient caves that are of great value on an archaeological point of view.

 Nature is at its best in Pachmarhi. Renowned as the most luxuriant gem of Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is a place where nature has found delicate appearance in numerous charming ways. Green shades cuddle the mountains and everywhere one can hear the placid mutter of flowing water. Bristle paths lead into peaceful forest basins, orchards of jamun, dense sal forests and delicate bamboo thickets. 


Madhya Pradesh travel guide

Madhya Pradesh, often called the "Heart of India" is a state located in the central India. This historical land shares its boundaries with Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Madhya Pradesh is known for its religious hubs of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam, Khajuraho temples, impregnable forts, exquisitely carved Jain temples, palaces, which are the glorious reminders of erstwhile era of the royal Rajas and Maharajahs. Endowed with immense natural beauty and splendour, Madhya Pradesh is also famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, which are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna.


Tourism in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a tourist paradise. With its incredible natural beauty, revered pilgrimage shrines, historical monuments, lavish palaces, rich culture and gracious hospitality, Madhya Pradesh tourism succeeds to allure a large number of domestic as well as international tourists every year. Madhya Pradesh is not only known for its architectural and living heritage but is also counted for natural attractions like wild life sanctuaries, national park, hill stations and beautiful landscape. In the past few years, Madhya Pradesh tourism has shown a phenomenal growth and has succeeded in carving a special place for itself as the must visit tourist destination in India.


The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation came out with various promotional strategies, which have helped a lot in establishing Madhya Pradesh as a prime tourist hot spot. Besides, Madhya Pradesh Tourism has also set up several tourist receptions centers with in the state and across India that provide information to tourists about Madhya Pradesh travel destinations. For more information about Madhya Pradesh, one can also browse through the official website of Madhya Pradesh Tourism, which is a complete Madhya Pradesh tourism guide, giving details about tourist attractions, accommodation, transportation, fairs and festivals, arts and crafts and many other Madhya Pradesh travel tips.


Best time to Visit Madhya Pradesh

The best time to visit Madhya Pradesh is in the months of October and April when the state enjoys a salubrious weather.


Tourist Attractions Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho, Panna, Bandhavgarh, Kanha National Park, Bhopal, Gwalior, Ujjain, Indore, Orchha, Sanchi, Pachmarhi, Mandu, Jabalpur Bandhavgarh Park, Karera Bird Sanctuary, Mandu, Panna National Park, Sanchi, Shivpuri National Park, Ujjain and Chitrakoot are the prominent tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh. Other Madhya Pradesh travel destinations are Chanderi, Maheshwari, Amarkantak, Omkareshwar, Mandleshwar, Bhimabetka, and Bhojpur.


How to reach Madhya Pradesh

Travel to Madhya Pradesh by Air: The nearest airport is at Bhopal, (the capital city of Madhya Pradesh), which is served by several domestic airlines that connect it to all key cities of India including Delhi and Mumbai. Some other major airports are located at Gwalior, Khajuraho, Indore and Jabalpur.


Travel to Madhya Pradesh by Rail: An extensive network of railways connect all prime cities of Madhya Pradesh to rest of the country.


Travel to Madhya Pradesh by Road: A wide network of National Highways and State Highways interlink the cities of Madhya Pradesh to all major cities of India. Madhya Pradesh Road Transport and private owners operate regular bus services from all major cities of Madhya Pradesh to popular cities of the neighboring states.


Travel in Madhya Pradesh

All prime cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh are well connected to each other by regular bus service operated by Madhya Pradesh Transport and other Private companies. Madhya Pradesh tourism runs deluxe coaches and luxury buses, which connect all major tourist destinations on Madhya Pradesh. An excellent network of railways also links various cities of the state. Taxis, auto rickshaws, tempos are some other modes of transport which offer short distance services within the city.