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Dental fluorosis

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Fluoride has the ability to whiten our teeth and this is the most commonly known to one and all. But most of the people use it more than necessary and as we know too much is too bad, the over use of the fluoride will lead to the cause of Dental fluorosis. There are plenty of methods by which the fluoride can be applied over teeth to obtain the white teeth hence plenty of people follow different procedures while using fluoride.

While following different procedures most of the people make the over use of fluoride unknowingly and hence they become the victims of the dental fluorosis. Most of the people wonder what went wrong which is causing them some problems with their teeth and if they are using fluoride to whiten their teeth then the reason can be the over use of fluoride.

The dental fluorosis which is caused on the teeth can be recognized very easily by one and all as there will be some discoloration happening in their teeth other than becoming white. Generally when the use of fluoride is in proper manner means you will notify your teeth becoming white but when you start noticing some spots on the white teeth then you can consider it that there have been overuse of fluoride and hence dental fluorosis is causing on your teeth.

There are plenty of treatments for dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is cosmetically treated in present days by dentist. The success and the cost totally depend upon the treatment which has been provided to your oral health.
Microbrasion, tooth bleaching and some of the porcelain veneers or conservative composite restorations are very commonly given treatments. Microbrasion and bleaching are some superficial staining but the conservative restoration is some of unaesthetic situations treatments used.

The world reputed American dental association has recommended the parents to take care of their infants of 0 to 12 months age have to be prepared with the formula with water which is free from fluoride. The water should have very low level of fluoride which can reduce the risk from fluorosis.

There are two different types of teeth whitening techniques present. These techniques are very much conventionally used by almost all dental professionals.
Microbrasion is considered to be one of the most popular techniques for teeth whitening and bleaching is considered to be another type of teeth whitening system conventionally followed by dental professionals.

When you make over use of fluoride on your teeth it completely or partially will damage your teeth for sure and hence you need to admit the fact that your teeth cannot be undone as the original but to a great extent for sure.

The usage of bleach method by dental professional is not to cure your teeth from dental fluorosis but will surely cover the spots that have occurred due to over use of the fluoride.
The sand down of the outer section of your teeth is the whitening method used by dental professionals to remove the stains from your teeth for good.
If you are suffering from severe dental fluorosis then most of the dental professionals would not recommend you to have the teeth whitening methods as there is a chance for your teeth to get damaged completely as well. Hence take care of your teeth