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At  Dental Tourism India we have a huge list of affiliates and clinics all across India. A strict enrollment policy ensures that we have the highest standards in all over India. Please feel free to browse through various clinics and affiliates. Any queries are welcome at [email protected].


Dental Tourism India  




taj mahal Dental Tourism In IndiaWe understand that each patient has unique needs and concerns. Every effort will be made to cater to those needs. This practice is committed to making your dental health concerns our number one priority. We hope to make each of your visits to our clinic as comfortable as possible, so that you can be at ease while we are perfecting your smiles.

Apollo Dental Hospital is well equipped center with the latest equipments and materials which dentistry has to offer. Our highly skilled dentists are friendly and caring, thier gentle touch and personable nature are what make this practice feel more like a family. At Apollo Dental we value your time & pride ourselves in getting every patient seen on schedule. We have taken great care to provide an environment in which you will feel at home; as we join forces in making sure your oral health is in optimal condition.


 We understand that each patient has unique needs and concerns. Every effort will be made to cater to those needs. This practice is committed to making your dental health concerns our number one priority. We hope to make each of your visits to our clinic as comfortable as possible, so that you can be at ease while we are perfecting your smiles.

 Apollo Dental is an initiative of Dr (Lt. col) Ajay Mohan who is a post graduate from mumbai university,in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.Dr Ajay has clinical experience of more than 20 yrs . He is consultant to many prestigious hospitals in Punjab for management of facial fractures management and facial deformities etc. He is an Ex-Classified Specialist and dental implantologist from prestigious Indian Armed forces and has been granted fellowship in dental implants from defence research & development organization, dentsply and Noble-biocare.Dr Ajay Mohan is widely traveled and has presented research papers in various national and international conferences. Presently, he is also associated with prestigious  Baba Farid University of Health Sciences,Punjab,as Associate Professor Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. (Major) Chetna Mohan did her graduation from Punjabi University Patiala in 1994. She joined the Indian Armed Forces Dental Crops and served for 10 years as a Commissioned Officer.Following this,she joined ECHS Polyclinic at Military Hospital Jalandhar. Presently she is consultant at Apollo Dental Hospital.Dr. Chetna has attended various courses on aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry and is a trained Dental Implantologist from Dentsply.She is associated with Indian Dental Association and has presented numerous seminars on dentistry.

 Dr Chetna Mohan is also associated with AURA -THE BEAUTY LOUNGE,providing all aspects of medical aesthetic skin care, beauty treatments and many other health and anti-ageing related treatments.We use the latest products and technology to provide you with the most up-to-date treatment procedures, offering spectacular cosmetic changes.




We are able to carry out a wide range of surgical procedures:

-Management of Facial Trauma

-Removal of impacted third molars (wisdom teeth)

-Removal of retained roots/fractured teeth

-Apicectomy and retrograde root canal treatment (for treating infection around teeth)

-Exposure/removal of impacted teeth prior to orthodontic treatment

-Soft tissue procedures (for the removal of lumps and swellings)

-Removal of cystic lesions

-Repair of oro-antral communications (between the mouth and the nose)

-Dental Implant-related surgery

-Ceramic Crown & Bridge

-Gum Care & Bone Grafting

-Cosmetic Facial Surgeries

Teeth Whitening







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Punjab, located in the north west of India, is one of the smallest and the most prosperous states of India. The five rivers Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum gave it its name 'punj-ab' or the 'land of five waters'. These five rivers divide the state into three regions: Majha, Doaba and Malwa.Punjab is certainly a primarily agricultural state and enjoys the natural benefits of fertile soils and abundant waters.



Dental Tourism India 

Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple, (on account of its scenic beauty and golden coating for English speaking world), is named after Hari(God) the temple of God. The Sikhs all over the world, daily wish to pay visit to Sri Amritsar and to pay obeisance at Sri Harmandir Sahib in their Ardas.Harmandir Sahib, situated inside the Golden Temple complex is a 52-meter, square-based structure and enshrines the Holy Book of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib. The Guru Granth Sahib is placed on a palanquin set with emeralds, rubies and diamonds with silver poles and a golden canopy.




Jallaianwala Bagh, situated 400 meters north of the Golden Temple, is where the most notorious massacre under the British rule took place. In the afternoon of 13 April, 1919, thousands of people gathered at Jallianwala Bagh for a peaceful demonstration on the Baisakhi day. The ground is surrounded by high walls on all sides and has only a narrow alley for access.General Dyer personally led his troops to the site. Standing on the only access way, he ordered his men to open fire without any warning resulting in the death of 337men, 41 boys and one baby and injuring more than 1200. A section of the wall with visible bullet marks is preserved, as is the well that some people jumped into to escape the bullets.





Anandpur Sahib (the holy City of Bliss) is one of the holiest places of the Sikhs, second only to Amritsar. Located about 95kms north-west of Chandigarh, Anandpur is framed between the Shivalik hills to the east and the Sutlej River farther away in the west, with vast green expanses and profound tranquillity all around. It is closely linked with Sikh religious traditions and history.




The city of Kapurthala is a mix of Indo-Saracenic and French styles of architecture. This quaint city is full of aesthetic and secular combinations of historical buildings of prominence that once ran this princely state, and was once referred to as the "Paris of Punjab".The City of Kapurthala is situated approximately 19 kilometers South West of Jalandhar, and is connected to it by Road and Railway.The Jagatjit Palace, now a school, has the distinction of being designed by M. Marcel, a French architect that used the Palace of Versailles and the Fontainebleau as architectural based designs.




Wagah is an army outpost on Indo-Pak border – between Amritsar and Lahore.

Often called the "Berlin wall of Asia",it is a ceremonial border on the India–Pakistan Border where each evening there is a retreat ceremony called 'lowering of the flags', which has been held since 1959.At that time there is an energetic parade by the Border Security Force (B.S.F) of India and the Pakistan Rangers soldiers.