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Keep Teeth White


We all want gorgeous smiles. There's nothing more beautiful on a person than a wide grin that lights up a room, and part of a great smile is having clean, white teeth. In our pursuit to look good 24/7, we may resort to a number of quick fixes like whitening strips, gels, and other products designed to brighten teeth and hide discolorations. Some may work, others may make things worse, but if you are more interested in natural ways to whitens your pearly whites why not try some of these tips.

1) Eat more fruits and vegetables. You should be doing this anyway, but when you chomp down on a crisp, juicy apple, you're not only gaining some great flavor and nutrients, but you're allowing the fruit to help remove stains from your teeth. Abrasive, crunchy treats like apples and carrots can rub against the enamel without scratching it, and literally brush your teeth.

2) Floss twice daily. Another thing you should already be doing, if you want to maintain healthy gums. Regular flossing also helps with stubborn stains that get in between your teeth – the ones the dental hygienist picks at during your annual visits. If you want to keep the stains from darkening your smile, always keep some floss handy.

3) Have a bit of dairy. Some health and beauty experts claim that having a bit of cheese, milk, or yogurt as part of your diet can help with your teeth's health. As kids we were told constantly that the calcium in milk helps keep teeth and bones strong, but there's belief that it assists with whitening as well.

4) Avoid baking soda and vinegars. Home remedies like brushing your teeth with baking soda or swishing vinegar in your mouth are believed to help polish your whites, but in truth these products could do more harm than good. Baking soda is abrasive and may scratch tooth enamel, as can vinegar and lemon juice in large doses.

Of course, there are a number of whitening toothpastes on the market. Be sure to look for products that come with a stamp or seal from the ADA – this lets you know that the American Dental Association has deemed the products effective and genuine, and safe.

If you want more ideas on keeping your teeth white and looking great all the time, talk with your dentist about the best solutions for you, that will definitely keep you smiling.


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