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Benefits of Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism In India

Below I will be listing some of the benefits of traveling overseas for your dental care. As you read, you may be surprised to see there are far more benefits than simply saving a lot of money. 

1- Travel opportunities when combining your procedure with a vacation 
This is a major benefit to some. When you are told that you have a major dental procedure which needs to be done, you may think of this as a negative. You might think of all the time, cost, and begin to hate your luck. 

However, stuff happens to people. This is a fact of life. Accept that this needs to be done and turn the negative into a possible. Use this as a reason to take the long awaited holiday you've been talking about. Besides the procedure and a couple days of recovery, you will have a lot of time to relax and adventure. If you are traveling to Thailand for your dental holiday, consider learning to surf or ride an elephant. Enjoy your time away from work by combining your vacation and dental procedure into one. 

2- Overseas dental care is cost effective 
As outlined in the ebook, traveling abroad for your dental care can save you thousands of dollars. Where a procedure may cost $7,000 back home, it might cost $2,000 which is inclusive of your entire dental holiday. 

3- Overseas dental care is convenient 
This may be the hardest to believe, but it's true. How can traveling across the world to have your dental work done be more convenient than having it done in back home? 

Depending on the procedure, you may have many screening interviews to go through before you can proceed. For the United States especially, this is a major concern. For some people taking a half day off from work five times is not an option. 

With overseas dental work, you aren't just a number to them. You are a valued customer where you can easily get a hold of your dentist and do whatever needs to be done via the phone, email or even video chat. Patients can even select the day these take place and the dentist will work around your schedule. Not the other way around. 

4- No waiting period 
This is a big one for me. Throughout my whole life I have been considered some what impatient. And why not? We are all going to die one day, so why wait when waiting is not needed. 

As mentioned above, if you go abroad for your dental care, your dentist will work around you schedule. You are not going to be told you need to wait three months for a procedure you want done immediately. You are able to book an immediate appointment and even speak to your dentist from your home. 

5- Affordable AND great service 
By going abroad for your dental service you are throwing away old outdated traditions and stepping into the new world. The old idea of getting what you pay for will quickly become a fallacy. Just because the dental work will be a fraction of the cost does not mean service will be the same. 

In fact, by going overseas you will often get better service. In Thailand where my companion got their dental work done, I have never felt a higher level of service before in any medical facility back home. It's like going to a five star hotel for the price of a half star. You truly have to experience this to believe the level of service you will recieve.