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No to Tooth Extraction


Tooth will be removed for great number of reasons. Some of the reasons include the decay of tooth, problem with fungal infections, discomfort, breakage of teeth and many more.  When you want to get your tooth removed there are plenty of conditions which cannot let the tooth be extracted from the mouth. In such cases the surgical method will be used to remove the tooth from the jaw. But in some cases the conditions will be so severs that extractions of the tooth will not be possible at all. Even the dental professionals suggest not to remove the tooth for some time till the problems is solved. Some of the conditions in which tooth extractions is not possible are,

When there is Bruising: Some people will be prone to bruise. Most of the old people who are on steroids or aspirin will bruise the same more easily. This bruising can appear to be quite florid but will take several weeks to get resolved.

High Blood Pressure: People who are having high blood pressure or high diabetic rates cannot be treated with tooth extractions as there is a chance of wound to get septic or not heal in time properly.

Trismus: Limitations of opening the mouth or also called as Trismus. In this case the chewing muscles of the mouth and the jaw points will be sore and hence the procedure to open the mouth can be less. This might take few weeks to get proper.

Infection after treatment: Some patients get infections when they are surgically treated. Hence these patients cannot be undergone with tooth extractions until proper precautionary measures are taken care of. The infections are more likely to appear when the patient is addicted to smoking, steroids or drugs. In such cases the bone will have to be removed for proper tooth extractions.

Adjacent teeth: In some rare cases some patients will have adjacent teeth completely grown to the tooth which has to be removed. There are chances for the tooth to be sore after the extraction process and will take some more time to settle back to normal position. If the teeth is operated then the crown and fillings of the surrounding might come out, become lose or might get fractured as well.

Bleeding inside cheeks: If there is a swelling from the tooth extraction which does not resolve within a couple of days then there is a chance of bleeding inside the cheek. The swelling on the cheek might feel firm for a while.