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Dental Tourism Facts


Dental tourism or so called dental holidays are becoming very popular especially in cosmetic surgery & dentistry due to the ever increasing health care cost in the developed world. Patients are getting attracted to various developing nations for their dental & cosmetic needs since these destinations have advanced infrastructure and up-to-date technology which is at par with UK,USA, and Europe. These developing nations are capitalizing on low cost and well trained doctors which appeals to those in west .There are a few important things one must consider before going in for such tourism. 

Treatment economics should never be the sole deciding should never settle with a dental surgery or surgeon just because it is affordable. You should look for alternate options. Also check for price inclusions to prevent unpleasant surprises later on. 

Communication skills. Make it a point to select a dental surgery setup where you do not have any language problems. The patient should be well informed about the procedure and the surgeon should be able to answer all his queries & questions. 

Trust recommendations. Don’t get carried away and lured by smart advertising. Always trust the word of mouth. Check with people who have already tried dental surgery abroad. Make sure you have done your homework well before choosing a dental clinic/surgeon abroad. Check the credentials & qualifications. 

Insist on video conferencing. Have a face to face chat with the dentist before flying down. Many dental centers arrange video consultations before the surgery. This helps you to ensure that your doctor is well aware of the treatment regime and also helps in building up trust & confidence. 

And lastly the most important check as to what kind of post-operative care is available for you. Since you have got your treatment abroad post-operative care is of major significance. Check for your duration of stay, post-operative follow-up’s etc. Also check for the precautions should you experience complications after getting back to the home country.


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