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The world’s most advanced equipment allows the experts at Dental Tourism India Centers to diagnose precisely and offer you a treatment plan immediately. Accurate diagnoses lead to effective, minimally invasive treatments. Diagnostic equipment with emphasis on preventative care is the wave of the future: detecting tiny abnormalities and monitoring them minimizes or eliminates the need for future invasive treatments. 

Kavo Diagnodent Unit (Germany)

Tourism Dental India
  • Advanced laser detection of 90% of cavities at the earliest stages that cannot be seen with the naked eye or other traditional diagnostic methods
  • Minimizes potential future need for invasive treatments such as root canals, crowns and bridges due to early detection and accurate treatment
  • No exposure to radiation of any kind
  • Soft probes ensure that enamel remains intact
  • Ends the need for multiple visits to the dental office, saving patients valuable time and money

X Ray and Imaging Units 
Advanced, eco-friendly digital X-ray units minimize radiation exposure and detect abrasions in their earliest stages. 

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SATELLAC Intra-Oral Imaging System (France)

  • Allows patients to see what the dentist sees
  • Delivers images in real time
  • Enhanced visual communication helps patients thoroughly understand treatment options and outcome
  • No radiation exposure

Kodak 8000 Digital Panoramic System (France)

Tourism Dental India
  • Delivers highest quality images in seconds with minimal radiationexposure
  • One machine for panoramic, segmented panoramic, TMJ and sinus images
  • Laser beam guided positioning, to minimize errors
  • Digital images can be taken “in house” resulting in convenience and flexibility for patients
  • Digital images are stored on the computer under the patient’s profile and can easily be accessed without the need for transporting or storing X-ray films
  • Digital images can be magnified up to 300 X to reveal cavities and other abnormalities in their earliest stages
  • Open design allows for more patient comfort as images are being taken
  • Allows for immediate and accurate patient diagnosis resulting in “on-the-spot” solutions

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Cygnus Ray Digital X-Ray Processing System (USA)

  • Advanced Panasonic sensors allow high resolution digital images to be enhanced, increasing precision of diagnosis and surgical procedures
  • Short X-ray pulses reduce radiation exposure by 90%
  • Digital technology eliminates the need for any hazardous development chemicals
  • Eliminates waiting time between diagnosis and treatment and reduces treatment time, thus ensuring patient convenience

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Siemens Heliodent X-ray Machine (Germany)

  • Sophisticated multi pulse system delivers highest quality images in seconds with minimal radiation exposure
  • Detailed images with high contrast range, allowing precise detail recognition that allow for immediate diagnoses and “on-the-spot” solutions
  • Special selection buttons for adult or child digital images and exposure time

CSN Digital Intra-oral X-ray Machine (Italy)

  • High quality images with maximized image resolution
  • Eco-friendly delivery
  • Short x-ray pulses decrease radiation exposure

Tourism Dental India

Root ZX Apex Locator 
The world’s best selling apex locator offers enhancements for the latest in endodontic solutions. A new PC board, utilizing superior technology, produces unmatched clinical accuracy rates, not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, or electrolytes. Invented in 1992, Root ZX was the first apex locator with the ability to work in wet canals and has an independently evaluated accuracy rate of 96.2%. Worldwide, it has been the best selling apex locator for several years running. 

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EMS Scalers 
The EMS is one of the most compact ultrasonic units. The user of the EMS fully benefits from the precision and power of the original Piezon ®technology.
Goodbye to tartar…guaranteed by the miniPiezon :

  1. quick, quiet, precise and powerful
  2. gentle, painless and comfortable
  3. tips, with that well known Swiss precision
  4. Swiss engineered tips create the perfect spray pattern 


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