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DENTAL CARE: Pre and Post Extraction


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Eventually it happens that a tooth may have to be removed for one or another reason. I got a crown not so many years ago (6 yrs.) and it never faired well. The tooth immediately began to turn dark under the edge of the crown… and subsequent dentists couldn’t wait to replace it … for an additional $2,000.


I already knew where it was going to go, though hadn’t realized the tooth was already sending signals. The low back that had been mysteriously symptomatic since late summer, the congested colon and lungs… and grief… where’d that come from? Recently I referred to the tooth map and found that this tooth neurologically maps to exactly those points and issues.


The realization that it was time to come out happened over the holidays… (Read: wait wait wait!)

Symptoms manifested in respiratory infection, an overall feeling of infection and congestion from the upper lungs to sinuses area that just sat there. A bad tooth can show up in just that way, so I upped the self care regimen, determined to clear out the major symptoms and be in good shape for the procedure.




In addition to REGULAR BRUSHING with Dentarome Plus Toothpaste (contains Thieves):


DAILY SALT GARGLE with 2 drops of Thieves


Followed by


THIEVES MOUTHWASH, I like to hold it in there for a few minutes for added absorption.


And as needed:


·   A drop of CLOVE directly on the tooth area, sometimes using a small glass dropper (just suck up a drop of the oil and point it where you want it), and if desired additional boost:

·   A drop of WINTERGREEN directly around the tooth.


·   Began taking INNER DEFENSE to boost immune defense and reduce infection and candida.

·   Alternated with Exodus to move out infection.

·   Applied THIEVES to bottom of feet, 3 drops each morning and afternoon.

·   Applied some oils on Thymus and Base of Skull for both the respiratory aspect, and infection. The list of oils included Oregano, Thyme, Valor… RC for congestion, Lavender… I alternated and used as personally guided. 


Okay, I am fairly nervous about major dental work and an extraction hits about the top of the list. I utilized the following oils to both support my electrical system and emotions/trauma response. In addition, the forced removal of a tooth is somewhat brutal to the head, neck and jaw alignment… which is why I used VALOR… and immediately visited my chiropractor to put all that stuff back into its delicate alignment. I believe this was hugely helpful in my body’s recovery, which was virtually painless.

6 drops        Distributed on bottom of feet.

1 drop         Up the jaw line, and another up back of neck, 
                    base of skull, inhaled deeply


2 drops        Bottom of feet, inhaled from hands. 


1 dab           To each chakra/gland center and a few drops to 
                    bottom of feet

1 drop         To the heart and inhaled from hands. (Keep that vibration up)

POST EXTRACTION (Immediately after) 

2 drops        Externally around jaw (inhale)

Externally around jaw/extraction side. 

POST EXTRACTION (Week following) 



Amazingly, I was pain free. Never used Tylenol except for the first day. Never used the pain meds though I had them… just continued to use the blessed DEEP RELIEF and other oils.



·   Continued salt water gargle with a drop of THIEVES

·   Omitted Thieves mouthwash for first week, the post extraction clot is most important.

·   Continued to take INNER DEFENSE to boost immune. I chose not to utilize antibiotics.

·   Continued to utilize LAVENDER, DEEP RELIEF, etc. on the outside of jaw, and used LAVENDER, WINTERGREEN, PEPPERMINT… and eventually CLOVE on the general gum area around mouth, to speed tissue regeneration, reduce swelling and chance of infection. 
There are probably other things I did, but those are the basics. If you or someone you know is having painful tooth symptoms and/or impending procedures, perhaps this will be of help. Several years ago my father had a tooth pulled, and it hurt without relief until I gave him a drop of CLOVE and another of WINTERGREEN to put around the area. The pain immediately disappeared and I sent home the remains of my clove bottle for continued use. His recovery was much more manageable after that.

As many know, CLOVE has long been prized among the dental community, specifically for the beneficial properties of Eugenol which is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and anti-infectious oil. It is useful for numbing painful areas. 

Even more amazing, my dental surgeon had studied clove and eugenol in his chemistry thesis, was both intrigued and respectful of the work I do with oils and very receptive to my using whatever I chose for pain relief and immune support. On the day of the extraction, I gifted him a bottle of Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier. On the follow up exam, he commented on how AWESOME it is… and when asked if he would like to sample the THIEVES FOAMING SOAP … he said by absolutely.  Staph infection is a huge issue in all aspects of medical care and they are always looking for something that actually works. Unlike most anti-bacterial hand soaps, the Thieves Foaming Soap contains only natural infection fighting chemistry… no chemicals, no carcinogens… Woo Hoo!