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Dental jewelry

What is dental jewelry?
Dental jewelry is one of the latest means of beautifying your teeth and smile. It gives you a smile that will dazzle others. These are basically gems which are bonded to teeth.

What kind of gems are used for dental Jewelry?
Generally the crystals used for dental jewelry are top quality Swiss Crystals. One of the brands of dental jewelry use Swarovsky crystals.

Is getting dental jewelry painful?

Getting dental jewelry is not at all painful.

On which teeth can I have dental jewelry?

Generally, the crystals are put on the upper lateral incisor, meaning the second tooth from the center in the upper jaw. However it looks good on canines as well.

Can I brush my teeth everyday after I get dental Jewelry?

Having dental jewelry does not in any way alter the way you brush your teeth. Brushing twice a day is always recommended.

Does eating or drinking affect the shine or sparkle of the jewelry?
Eating and drinking does not affect the shine and sparkle of good quality dental crystals.

What can happen if I accidentally swallow a dental crystal?

You will immediately come to know if the crystal comes off into your mouth so that you will be able to remove it. Even if you happen to swallow the crystal accidentally, it will get pass out of your body without any trouble as if you have swallowed a seed.

Can I change the crystal?
Of course yes! The old crystal can be removed any time and a new one can be put immediately.