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Do you have sticker shock?  Is your dentist trying to charge you thousands of dollars for dental implants?  Luckily, visiting a dentist abroad is a safe and affordable option for receiving treatment.  But just how much can you save on your dental implants?  The information below shows exactly how you can save thousands of dollars on dental implants by travelling abroad.  

The example patient below needs 5 dental implants, and is visiting an average priced dentist found on Dental Tourism India .

          cost of food per day  $50

 +      cost of hotel room per day      $100

+      cost of transportation per day $20

 =                          expenses per day  $170



       expenses per day     $170

                                                   x     number of days travelling  12

 =        primary expenses       $2,040



         primary expenses  $2,040

+     cost of round trip airfare    $750

  =           Total travel expenses  $2,790


    total travel expenses $2,790

 +  total cost of five implants  $7,500

   =                                        $10,290


                               Total cost of travel and treatment abroad:  $10,290

Average cost of 5 implants in the US:  $17,500


Total savings: $7,210


The figures used above for cost of food, lodging, and transportation are based on upper-middle class accommodations.  The total cost of treatment is an average price for what a Indian dentist on Dental Tourism India would charge for 5 immediate loading implants, including x-rays, consultation, surgeries, and the cost of the implants, abutments and full porcelain crowns.

Additionally, you can save even more money by finding cheaper accommodations or airfare.  Also, many clinics offer free or discounted hotel stays, airfare reimbursement, and free transportation.  Check out all the available offers on Dental Tourism India!

At  Dental Tourism India we have a huge list of affiliates and clinics all across India. A strict enrollment policy ensures that we have the highest standards in all over India. Please feel free to browse through various clinics and affiliates. Any queries are welcome at [email protected].