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Dental Tourism FAQ


Questions to ask a dentist abroad

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions when dealing with a dentist abroad, even if they seem blunt or obvious. If you are not satisfied with the answers you are given, don’t feel you have to commit to anything that day. Go home and do some more research until you feel confident that all your questions have been answered. You may also want to talk to other patients who have travelled for dental treatment abroad or cosmetic dentistry abroad by visiting online groups and forums.


  • Who will be carrying out my treatment and what qualifications do they have?

  • Will the dental team speak English? If not, will you provide a translator on the day of the  procedure?

  • Do you have any references or testimonials from previous patients?

  • How many times have you carried out the procedure I am having? What are the rates of success,  complication, readmission and infection?

  • Are you regulated by a professional body and do you have to be registered with them?

  • Is the work guaranteed for a certain period of time?

  • What aftercare do you provide?

  • What happens if I am unhappy with the results? Who pays for the extra flights, hotel and remedial work?

  • If there are complications and I need further treatment, is this included in the initial cost?

  • Do you have insurance to cover this procedure?

  • Do you have a complaints system in place? Can I see a copy of it?

  • Who can I contact for advice after the treatment?


If the dentist abroad claims to be a specialist, it’s also important to ask whether they can back this up. In the UK, the GDC hold lists of dentists entitled to use the title ‘specialist’. Entry onto these lists is only granted if a dentist meets certain minimum standards of training. You may want to find out if you can expect the same standards of training from the dentist who will be carrying out your dental treatment abroad / cosmetic dentistry abroad 


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