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India On Top


In the last few years dental tourism has proved an extremely advantageous way for people to resolve their medical needs quite cheaply and also to combine the useful with the pleasurable.

India in particular, is a country whose dental tourism annual growth rate is estimated to increase by 30%, and by 2012 India’s medical tourism will contribute with $2 billion in annual revenue.

Dental tourism in general has seen a great success all over the world. Developing countries boast with top medical equipment in the private sector, and the hospitals and private practices in these countries quite often surpass qualitatively the facilities existent in the western countries such as Great Britain US or Germany.

Moreover, the dental tourism packages in these developing countries also come at extremely advantageous prices.

The dental tourism in India is making huge efforts to comply with all the international quality standards existent in the westernized countries. Moreover, English is a language widely spoken in India especially at the institutions.

The Indian government is also playing a constant active role in helping this particular industry grow steadily. For example, the government has invested a lot of money into infrastructure, to make it even more compliant with international standards.

The Indian health system is basically enticing foreigners by showing them how much money they can save on ultra modern dental procedures and even on sophisticatedcosmetic dentistry treatments.

For example, in most US or western European dentistry practices, patients have to take out of pocket around $300- $400 for dental fillings. For the exact same procedure, in India the patient is required to pay anything between $20 and $40.

Then, root canal treatments are known as being notoriously expensive especially in the US- the price for this particular procedure might go up to $3,000. In India, one has to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 maximum for a root canal treatment. For dentures, in India one will pay as little as $200, while in the West the costs for this procedure exceed well over $1,000.

India is on the top of the preferences list for many foreigners seeking advantageous dental treatments, mainly because the country has a rich and beautiful history and traditions, and of course there are plenty of tourist spots all around the country.

Medical tourism organizations prepare some very intriguing dental tourism packages for their clients which comprise of all the important and high quality dental care procedures and which also contain short trips to important landmarks.