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Celebrities with Bad Teeth


Celebrities with Bad Teeth

Shane McGowan from the Pogues.

Kirsten Dunst has bad teeth. It's like she never got her big girl teeth, or she was cursed to wander the earth with the teeth of an elf.

Tom Cruise has bad teeth. His smile is all gummy, his gums are all red and irritated, his two front teeth are like Chiclets, and they are off center.

Steve Buscemi has bad teeth, but he is a great actor. He has that one awful snaggle tooth. It's like that one tooth is British. The rest of his mouth isn't pretty, but that one makes me nauseous.

Mike Tyson has bad teeth. If you ever run into him, I hope you have had your tetanus shot.

Madonna has bad teeth. Madonna, it isn't cute, that gap is gross and unsettling. Grab some spackle and a trowel, and fill that sucker in.

John Heder has bad teeth. In Napoleon Dynamite the teeth fit the role perfectly, since then it is just distracting. Though perhaps it will distract people from how bad he is in every movie not called Napoleon Dynamite.

Hillary Duff has bad teeth. The worst part? These horse teeth are self inflicted. Duff used to have a nice, normal smile, until she capped them all.

Elliott Yamin from American Idol has bad teeth. Poor spacing, over sized, yellow, what isn't going wrong here?

Amy Winehouse has bad teeth. Yikes. She looks like a crazy person. Oh wait, she is.

Avril Lavigne has bad teeth. They would almost be nice, if she didn't have that one vampire fang.

Ricky Gervais has bad teeth. He is funny as hell, but his teeth aint helping him. Being British is no excuse, you still have to floss.

Morgan Freeman has bad teeth. It's like he has to inverse snaggle teeth. Instead of being big and sticking out, his incisors are tiny, and hidden. The orange hue isn't doing him any favors either.

Jewel has bad teeth. Is she super hot? Yes. But she looks better with her mouth closed.

Hillary has bad teeth. No explanation needed.


It is becoming increasingly common to hear about celebrities having orthodontic treatment, and they are helping to make this a popular choice for people from all walks of life.

Celebrities are famed for always wanting to look their best. Becoming famous in their twenties may have meant that their lack of dentistry in their early years has left them with unsightly, misaligned teeth. This can be fixed with orthodontics, and more and more celebrities are undergoing treatment to make their teeth sparkling.

Orthodontics – There’s No Doubt That This Singer Needed Treatment

Back in 1999, pictures surfaced of No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani wearing braces to fix her slightly crooked teeth. This sparked a lot of admiration for the singer, who was more than happy to sport her braces on the Red Carpet and smile openly at photographers. This showed that even celebrities need to take the plunge and get their teeth fixed, and orthodontics can sort out the alignment of the teeth as well as correcting the bite. Gwen Stefani now has beautiful, sparkling white teeth and it is easy to see how this was achieved.

Orthodontics – No Need To Wear Braces Forever

It is a misconception that adults who opt for orthodontics will need to be wearing them for the rest of their lives. With the right dentist, many adults may only need to wear their braces for approximately 18 months, although naturally it does vary with how old you are compared to how misaligned your teeth are. Nevertheless, orthodontics is the way forward and should be considered if you are suffering with dental problems.

Orthodontics – Be Like Your Favourite Celebrity

Since many celebrities have opted for orthodontic treatment, undergoing this treatment yourself is now not an uncommon procedure, and many people are realising just how great their teeth can look when the treatment is complete. 

Some are spurred on by the fact their celebrity idols are taking the plunge and undergoing orthodontic treatment, so why not join them? Orthodontics is the best way to fix your teeth.

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