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Dental Implants Just A Dream ?


Is it possible to find affordable dental implants that won't leave you in a serious financial bind? With just a little research into this type of dentistry it is not uncommon to find prices that can stagger the mind depending on where you live. The replacement for a single tooth can be as high as $1,000 and for a full replacement of your teeth don't be surprised to pay approx. $50,000. 

There's no doubt about it, dental implants has drastically revolutionized dentistry. Unlike bridges or dentures which become uncomfortable over time as the gum's shrinks making it difficult to eat certain foods as well as making the simple act speech a challenge, implants provide a stronger support that last longer. The procedure starts by inserting metal screws made of Titanium (A material that your body does not reject) into the jawbone. The result is an artificial root that living tissue grows around so your gum's will not recede (shrink) and a prosthetic tooth or teeth that look and are as strong as your regular teeth. If you have missing or problems with your teeth, the idea of dental implants is a dream come true. But the cost of dental implants can put this surgery out of the each of the very people who would benefit the most.

There are however justifiable reasons why implant procedures are more expensive than dentures or a bridge. This is surgery and in some cases will require a team. Dentures can be fitted and made in a relatively short period of time. For implants, the time it takes for the implant itself to be inserted to the finished prosthetic can take as long as a full year. 

Another reason why most dental implant procedures prove to be out of the reach of most people is because this type of surgery falls under the category of cosmetic surgery and is very rarely offered under any dental insurance plan making many dentist finance the procedure to their patients.

Like other forms of cosmetic surgery, where you live has a great effect on the price that you will pay. If you live in cities like Los Angeles or New York you can expect to pay a considerable amount more for a comparable procedure than if you live Salt Lake City or Albuquerque where the average cost to replace a missing tooth is in the range of $600 – $800. There are however some way to findaffordable dental implants

Here are some alternatives that you may want to consider… 

The Nearest Universities With Dental School Programs

Find out if the local university in your area has a dentistry program. Chances are that they probably do. If so then you might be able to get low cost and affordable dental implants. As dental students learn their profession most universities with dental schools offer lower fees. They work under the supervision of an experienced professor. most of the patients are those that can't afford the high cost of dental implants. It is also a great way for those who have no dental insurance coverage to see a dentist. In some cities Like Los Angeles, the dental schools at UCLA and USC are exceptional. For more information about a school in your area visit dentalsite and even if you have to commute a little it can be well worth it.


Medical Tourism: The Birth Of A Growing Worldwide Industry

Worldwide many people are opting to obtain  dental, medical and surgical procedures done in other countries. This has become fast growing industry and the term "Medical Tourism" was coined by the travel industry and the corporate sector that is involved in medical care to describe travelers who's purpose of traveling was to get cheaper or even better healthcare than they would get at home.Not only are many corporations involved in this type of service but it is also backed by many governments to attract more toursim to their country. This type of tourism mixes leisure and entertainment  with healthcare.

The reason why so many people look to medical tourism or any type of "medical outsourcing" is cost. Skyrocketing healthcare cost has become a very hot  political issue. Quality healthcare is expensive and this is especially true of dentistry. There are many countries that provide high quality dental care at a fraction of the cost than in the U.S. Many foreign dentist are US trained and can operate at a much lower operating cost than in the United States  



An example of comparable cost to having the same procedure done in the U.S. is India. The strength of the American dollar compared to the Indian currency is astounding. Here, the cost of having dental implant surgery done by a world class surgeon at a world class facility is more than just reasonable. For instance, an implant procedure that might cost you $800 U.S.

will cost approx. $150 in India by an experienced dentist using the latest techniques. This is the biggest reason why so many are finding it irresistible not to travel abroad to get dental implants as well as other types of medical attention that they can't afford back home.


The Thai Government sees Medical Tourism as a major draw for travelers to their country and the Public Health Ministries have made a commitment in establishing "Healthcare Tourism" in Thailand as a visitor attraction. As is the case in India, High quality dental procedures are a fraction of the cost in the United States. With many U.S, UK, Australian and European trained dentist and doctors as well as a nice vacation destination makes this not a bad trip overall.

Still there is a risk. While dental implants is a commonplace procedure there can and be complications and while affordability may be your main goal, sometimes it is nice to know that your dentist is just around the corner

Dental implant surgery is the best way to replace missing teeth due to decay or injury and can give you much more comfort and confidence than wearing dentures ever could. It doesn't look like the cost of them will ever come down in the near future. If you are contemplating the conventional ways to finance, then you already have the means. If however,you really desire to have affordable dental implantsthen you have a lot of alternatives waiting to be explored.

Dental And Medical Tourism


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