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Star Dental Multispecialty Clinic New Delhi

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Star Dental Multispecialty Clinic, the institution is the brain child of a few entrepreneurs and professionals from premium B-Schools and organizations, who intend to make international dental care affordable for the Indian massses.

Located in Heart of New Delhi, Capital of India, Star Dental strives to offer the highest quality cosmetic dental care. We render all our dental services & surgeries in a modern state-of-the-art environment that is together caring and thoughtful.


Our cosmetic dentists believe strongly in preventive dental care and encourage & educate our patients to do the same. We strive to merit your confidence in us!


At Star Dental Multispecialty Clinic, our dentists specialize in general & cosmetic dentistry within the perspective of both preventive and comprehensive cosmetic dental care for all its patients.  Our primary objective is to provide personalized high quality cosmetic dental care in a compassionate and friendly environment.

Star Dental Care endeavors to provide comprehensive quality dental services using the latest technology and highest degree of integrity.

The Dentists and Staff are a strong team who are committed to working together to serve the needs of their patients.

We offer a safe, comfortable and friendly environment so that we may foster a feeling of trust in our patients.

The Dentists and Staff are a strong team who are committed to working together to serve the needs of their patients.

 Client care & satisfaction has been given foremost importance. Newer innovative treatment options are always provided for better care & treatment outcome. Cleanliness & Sterilization are always a priority even if it increases waiting time. Ambience & friendly staff make the treatment procedure comfortable.

Star Dental has aggressive growth plans and is  planning to expand its services to entire India.Star Dental is a healthcare organization with a focus on dental care in India. The company aims to set up a pan India network of dental clinics. The company has expansion plans that envisage presence in almost every major city in India. The growth plan is supported by a healthy mix of organic and inorganic growth



Our staff's exclusive approach along with the most recent technology will affirm that Star Dental is for you! You will enjoy the warm atmosphere and genuine care we give all our patients.



















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Contact Details :

C-4/8, Safdarjung Development Area,

Behind SDA Market,

Opposite IIT Gate

New Delhi, India – 110016


Tourism Info Delhi 


Laid out by British architect Edwin Lutyens, the Indian capital is a striking modern metropolis. A gracious contrast to Old Delhi's winding streets, the grand avenues and stately buildings of New Delhi are rich with history and culture, from Gandhi's Delhi home (and the site of his assassination) to the tomb of Humayun, a complex of Mughal buildings reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. Chaotic traffic is best left to the locals. Negotiate a good price for taxis or travel on the new Delhi Metro. 


Delhi, the picturesque capital city of India, offers a multitude of captivating places and premier tourist attractions – that one is simply confounded where to begin exploring the city. There is Old Delhi, replete with awesome mosques, quaint forts, and other time-tested historic monuments that speak volumes about India's Moghul rule.

New Delhi, on the other hand, is an enchanting modern city designed by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. New Delhi is an open city of miles that houses interesting places galore.




Rashtrapati Bhawan/India Gate/Parliament House

The Rashtrapati Bhawan stands out as an architectural marvel and a commanding structure that overlooks the lush green lawns around India Gate. This stretch between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate is called the Rajpath where the Republic Day ceremonial parade is held every year. The absolutely enchanting design was conceived by Lutyens and the entire city of New Delhi is a living monument to his genius.

It is worth traveling miles to see the bewitching Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhawan, which are thrown open to the public in spring each year. India Gate is a memorial raised in honor of the Indian soldiers martyred during the Afghan war. The green, velvety lawns at India Gate are a salubrious evening rendezvous for all visitors regardless of age.

Located around this area in Central Delhi, the Parliament House with its wide pillared walkways and large halls – is truly a magnificent structure that physically and figuratively reflects the corridors of power where India's lawmakers deliberate to decide the future of India.

File:Rashtrapati Bhavan-1.jpg 

Red Fort

Visitors to Old Delhi who view theRed Fort for the first time, the reaction will be one of wonderment to disbelief and ecstasy. Undoubtedly, Old Delhi provided an uncanny insight into the hoary historical past that so aptly characterizes India.

The lanes are mostly dingy, overcrowded and narrow, filled to bursting with people throbbing with life and vitality. In the midst of all this din and noise, majestically stand the ramparts of the Red Fort. Though much desecration has taken place with the passage of time during the British occupation of the fort, its salient features have survived, the glory might have dimmed with age but its regal majesty remains.

File:Delhi red fort night.jpg 

Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar is located in a tiny village called Mehrauli in South Delhi. It is a stately red sandstone tower, which tapers up to a height of 72.5 meters and is covered with complex carvings and verses from the holy Koran. This is supposed to be a victory tower to signify Muslim domination of Delhi and as a minaret to call the faithful to prayer.

The projected balconies in the tower are supported by elegant stalactite designs. The tapering tower has pointed and circular flutings on the first storey and star-shaped on the second and third storey. The bands of calligraphic inscriptions are perfect and truly stunning with the neat stalactite designs seen on the exterior of the tower. One must visit the Qutab Minar as it is the first monument of Muslim rule in India and heralded the beginning of a new style of art and architecture that came to be known in later times as the Indo-Islamic style.

File:Q Minar.jpg 

Chandni Chowk

How else to describe Chandni Chowkthan as the vibrant living legacy of Delhi? Created by Shahjahan, the builder of Taj Mahal, Chandni Chowk has the Red Fort as the nucleus and the awe-inspiring Jama Masjid as the abode of prayer and has a crowded market planned to shine under the light of the moon (Chandni Chowk). Tradition and modernity curiously combine and to this day, Chandni Chowk continues to be Asia's largest wholesale market.

Visit Chandni Chowk to experience a feeling of timelessness and the spirit of eternity.With the most renowned mosque of Delhi Jama Masjid in the vicinity, along with Sis Ganj GurudwaraJain Mandir and a lot of small temples, Chandni Chowk is a testimony to India’s secularism and cultural harmony.


Bahai Temple

Bahai Temple is an aesthetically designed enchanting white marble structure, fondly called as the Lotus Temple, resembles the shape of a lotus and set amidst salubrious lakes and lush green lawns. It is a serene house of meditation and total silence prevails all around. There is an air of Godliness to help man embark on an inward journey to realize and be one with the Divine.


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