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Preventive Dentistry Programs



Our Preventive Dentistry is committed to the establishment and maintenance of healthy mouths, and a preventive approach to the control of all forms of oral problems.

Regular hygiene and examination appointments are integral to the achievement of these goals, and it is recommended that most people attend these preventive appointments 6 monthly.

When treatment is necessary we ensure our patients are well informed of their options. We will discuss with you your dental needs, and in the case of complex treatment a written comprehensive treatment plan will be provided.

At Preventive Dentistry we always aim to deliver the highest standard of dental treatment – whether you require a small filling or the most complex of smile enhancements. Excellent quality comes from a sound knowledge of the latest theories and techniques, and our clinicians attend numerous continuing education courses to ensure that they are at the forefront of their profession.


These are ’Before and After’ photos of patients that have been treated at Preventive Dentistry. They will give you an idea of the impressive results that can be achieved by our dentists, and may inspire you to finally make that appointment to improve your smile.


Smile Enhancement


[BEFORE] Denise lost her lateral incisor due to a fractured root. She also had several old, stained and chipping composite resin restorations on her front teeth, which had bothered her for some time. The first step of Denise’s treatment involved placing a dental implant to replace the root of her missing tooth.



[AFTER] Denise’s smile was improved by a combination ofwhiteningporcelain veneers and ceramic crowns. All these restorations look and feel like natural teeth. Denise says that had she known her teeth could look this good, she would have done this earlier.




Porcelain Veneers


[BEFORE] Janet disliked the colour of her teeth, and especially wanted to fix the stained lines on her two front teeth (central incisors). She was also interested in closing the small gap between the central incisors.



[AFTER] This is Janet’s final result after whitening her teeth and placement of porcelain veneers over the central incisors.




Porcelain Veneers


[BEFORE] Mary had old and yellowing composite resin restorations on her lateral incisors. These had been present for about 20 years and were placed to build up teeth that were naturally very small. Mary was after a more natural looking, aesthetically pleasing solution.



[AFTER] Porcelain veneers were placed over Mary’s lateral incisors. Notice the absence of any visible join lines where the veneers have been attached to the teeth, and how healthy the gums are around the veneers.




Invisalign Orthodontics


[BEFORE] Katherine didn’t like the way her front teeth were overlapped, and wanted this corrected so she could have a perfect smile on her wedding day.



[AFTER] Katherine’s teeth were straightened usingInvisalign, which took a total of about nine months to complete. She was very happy with both the comfort of the treatment and the beautiful end result.




Smile Enhancement


[BEFORE] Due to his bite, Neil had experienced a gradual breakdown of his front teeth with numerous unsuccessful attempts to ‘patch up’ the teeth. Neil made the decision to correct his bite and rectify the problem with definitive restorations.



[AFTER] Neil’s front teeth were moved to a more ideal position using just five months of Invisalign, his teeth were whitened and ceramic crowns placed on the four upper incisor teeth. Note the natural contours and subtle characteristics that make the crowns look more natural for his age.




Invisalign Orthodontics


[BEFORE] 15 year old Emily was embarrassed about her ‘bucky’ smile but did not want to wear braces.



[AFTER] Emily’s front teeth were straightened using about 14 months of Invisalign treatment, but no one could tell she was under treatment. Now Emily can’t stop smiling!






[BEFORE] 54 year old Maree said “my teeth make me feel ugly”. Different teeth had been treated using different materials over the years resulting in the haphazard appearance of her smile.



[AFTER] After confirming the underlying health and stability of the teeth, ceramic crowns were placed on the four upper incisor teeth. The result was a smile that looked cleaner, healthier and completely natural.




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