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Resort In Ranikhet Queen Medows

Ranikhet is a hill station in Uttarakhand, India (1830m). Get in[edit] By road[edit] DSC07448.JPG Well connected by road with all major towns of Kumaon hills and nearby districts. The main road into Ranikhet is NH87 climbing up from Kathgodam, 85km in the South. Instead of the main highway passing near Nainital, you may consider the […]

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Give Proper Manufacturing Requirement To Make Effective PCB

If you’re electronic circuit designer then you can know the importance of the printed circuit board. The usage of electronic device is always increases rapidly. While manufacturing printed board circuit the manufacture must required proper specification to make a effective PCB for your need. Some of the manufacturing requirements to design a proper PCB are […]

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Top 10 dental myths exposed

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    1. MYTH: “If I brush really well before my dental appointment, the dentist won’t know I haven’t been” brushing regularly since my last check up”. If a patient doesn’t brush for the recommended two minutes twice a day, their gums are likely to be red, swollen and bleed easily.

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Top Ten Dentists in Social Media

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    So you know how to drill a  maxillary central incisor  in 2 minutes flat and you can wield a  double-end explorer  with finesse, but can you Tweet the latest dental news or pore through Facebook  page analytics  without missing a beat?  These dentists can . In addition to serving patients all day (and, in many cases, running a business), some dentists take their expertise even farther and  share it with the world  through the Internet.

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Ozone Therapy as Treatment in Dentistry

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  In the past few months we have received several questions about ozone therapy for dental problems.

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Emergency Dental Care

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  Is it a Dental Emergency?   Smoothing a chipped tooth, re-cementing a crown that is not causing pain and composite bonding to repair a tooth are not dental emergencies. Typically, such problems can be dealt with during your dentist’s regular office hours

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India Never Disappoints

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  India India was the last place on earth I wanted to visit the very first time I went there. I was on a one-year trip around the world and India was cheap so I went reluctantly. It didn’t help that in the very first afternoon of my arrival a large, grey ugly rat greeted me in the shower in the $10-a-night “hotel” in Bombay where I was staying.

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Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

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  Introduction If you have been told you have periodontal (gum) disease, you’re not alone. Many adults in the U.S

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Pete Seeger – My Dentist Has Tattooed Legs lyrics

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  Something you should know about My Dentist Has Tattooed Legs Lyrics Title:  Pete Seeger – My Dentist Has Tattooed Legs lyrics   Image via Wikipedia     My Dentist Has Tattooed Legs He is so very boring When I sit down in his chair Soon I am loudly snoring.

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  HOW TO MINIMIZE RISKS INVOLVED IN DENTAL SURGERY ABROAD    Dental Treatment Abroad If you are thinking about having a dental surgery abroad, there are a few important things for you to consider. First and foremost, take note that every dental surgery, even just mere tooth extraction, has some risks – something might go […]

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