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Types of Cosmetic Teeth Implants

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Cosmetic Teeth Cosmetic surgery has improved the look of many people and brought a smile on their faces. One of the popular appearance enhancement surgical procedures is the cosmetic dental implant insertion.

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Dental Crown used in Implants

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Dental Crown The crown is the visible cover that is affixed to the dental implant after it has fused to the bone. Crowns come in various shapes and sizes. Given below in the following paragraphs are details of the various types of dental crown used by dentists.

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What You should Know about Teeth Implants

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Teeth Implants The teeth implants are made of titanium and are inserted into the gum by a periodontist to replace missing teeth.

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Dental Implants Procdure

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  Dental implants are used for both aesthetics and for functionality. Given below are the steps involved in dental implants procedure.       1.

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Dental Implant Problems

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Dental implants are costly jaw bone fixtures that are meant to last long and carry out the functions of the natural teeth. Hence they are inserted with care.

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Critical Causes for Dental Implant Failure

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Dental implants can fail due to a variety of reasons. A failure can mean a lot of trouble for the patient as well as the dentist.

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History of Dentistry and Dental Care

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Caring for Kids’ Teeth

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Nothing is as special as your child’s happy, healthy smile.

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Tartar Buildup

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Tartar is a deposit that forms when plaque hardens on the tooth.

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How to Brush Your Teeth

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Flashing your best, most healthy smile means brushing well and often. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends brushing teeth twice a day for dental hygiene and to help promote dental health. Make the most of that time by giving your brushing technique a refresher

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