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Dental Tourism


Are you putting off dental care or have you received a shockingly expensive dental quote? If so there is another option available: receive dental care overseas and save up to 70%.

Here is how it works:

  1. Search

    Visit and search 600+ dentists in 23 countries around the globe. You can easily compare clinics and review all the details you need to know about the clinic:

    • high resolution photos of the clinic and staff
    • dentist education and experience
    • price list
    • the years the clinic has been in business
    • payment methods accepted
    • hours of operation
    • dental office certification
    • dental extras (free WiFi, free oral exams, free transportation, free hotel stay etc.)
  2. Book

    You've found the perfect dental clinic overseas and now it is time to make an appointment.

    Click the big 'Book Now' button and enter the details of your appointment: the date you would like to receive treatment, the dental work you need and the quantity.

    When you click the big 'Confirm' button you have just confirmed your appointment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail providing you with all the details you need for your appointment:

    • Appointment Date
    • Clinic Name
    • Clinic Phone Number
    • Clinic E-mail Address
    • Clinic Map
    • Dental Procedures requested

    You will receive a follow-up e-mail or phone call directly from the dental clinic about your appointment. At this time the dental clinic may request further information about your dental health (past history, X-rays, photos) that you can choose to send to the clinic prior to your appointment.

    You can easily change/cancel your appointment at any time with Dental Departures by visiting and clicking on 'My Appointments'. Dental Departures does not charge a change/cancel fee. Please note, you may still be subject to change and cancellation fees that the dental clinic itself may impose. So go ahead, be free to change your mind.

    Some dental clinics may require an initial deposit. These deposits terms will clearly be displayed in your confirmation e-mail and they can also be found on the dental clinics listing under 'about clinic' and 'deposit terms'.

  3. Travel

    Now it is time to travel to your dental clinic for treatment! Print out your confirmation e-mail and bring it with you when you check-in at the dental clinic on the date/time agreed upon with the clinic. When you step through the clinic's doors you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality, cleanliness and modern equipment.

    The dentist will first conduct an oral exam to determine your treatment plan. What work you think you need done on your teeth may in fact be different than what your dentist recommends. Once you have agreed with the treatment plan provided by your dentist lay back and enjoy!

  4. Payment

    You've completed your treatment and now you can smile with confidence!

    You will pay the dental clinic directly for your dental treatment: you do not pay Dental Departures. You can pay for your dental treatment using payment methods (i.e. cash, credit card, PayPal etc.) accepted by the clinic which you can review in the 'about clinic' 'acceptable payment methods' area.

    Please note, that you will pay your clinic in the local currency of the country where the clinic is located. Your credit card company may charge you a foreign exchange fee to complete the transaction in the local currency. In addition, we advise that you contact your credit card company ahead of your appointment to inform them of your dental payment because they may decline the transaction.

Category : Uncategorized Posted on July 30, 2011