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Missing Teeth Problems


Why Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Missing teeth have detrimental effects on both your oral health and aesthetic appearance.

It Makes You Feel More Self-Conscious About Your Appearance
People with missing teeth often struggle in social situations, hiding their teeth and avoiding smiling, which might keep them from getting a job or making a friendship. Missing teeth also make people look older and changes the overall shape of the face overtime.

It Lowers Your Self-Esteem
Missing teeth make it difficult to chew, speak and smile, worsening your appearance and lowering your self esteem. Missing teeth cause people to feel older and less attractive, making them less likely to be social or to participate in activities with others. A good, strong set of teeth, results in renewed confidence and the ability to restore a healthy lifestyle.

It Is Bad For Your Health
When a tooth is missing, a gap is left in the gum and additional pressure is placed on the remaining healthy teeth; this causes the healthy teeth to be pushed at an angle, causing additional sideways pressure, pushing on the gum and bone, and in time causing the healthy teeth to come loose. Healthy teeth are necessary for a healthy gum and jawbone. Open spaces in the gum also increase the chances of gum disease and tooth decay.

Missing teeth can weaken the jawbone. When teeth are lost, the supporting jawbone loses bone density and continues to shrink as long as the tooth is missing. Overtime, the jawbone becomes visibly smaller and weaker.

It Makes It Difficult to Eat Certain Foods
People with missing teeth are often only able to chew soft foods and are forced to avoid harder foods that they used to enjoy.