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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism In India



Many countries have excellent national health insurance schemes – Canada, Australia or the UK, for example. Teeth, for some reason, are often not considered part of the 'body' and coverage is usually minimal. Dental tourism then becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

Dental Tourism in India: Cheap Dental Care or Exotic Vacation?

If you can afford to go to the dentist at all, then you can afford to travel overseas for treatment – and throw in a vacation for free!

As dental prices climb and insurance cover decreases, alternatives to expensive dental care have become less of a luxury and more of a need.

Imagine this: you could fly to Goa in India , lie on the beach for a week, get your teeth whitened and have a new porcelain crown made and placed – all for less than the price of a single crown back home. will demystify it all for you by answering your questions about dental tourism and telling you about:

·         average dental costs in each state in India , for each procedure

·         safety concerns about dental care abroad

·         where to find the cheapest treatments and how to get there easily

·         how to get the kind and level of treatment you'd expect back home

·         what to watch out for, and which questions to ask

·         dental scams, and how to avoid them

·         where the specialists are

·         whether to use a professional dental tourism agency

·         how to find English-speaking dentists wherever you decide to get treatment

You'll find everything you need to make an informed, independent decision about where to go and how to pay for your new, bright smile.

Find out:

·         How little a Chennai  dentist can cost you

·         Why a Kolkata dentist can give you a brighter smile

·         How Dental Tourism India surgeries are run by US-trained dentists

·         About dentistry in India in the latest facilities

·         How to choose a clinic for cosmetic dentistry in India

·         Why taking a dental vacation in India is so cheap

·         How dental care in India leads the pack when it comes to cost-saving

·         Where to get a list of dentists in India

·         All about affordable dental care in India

…and anything else you need to make up your mind on whether dental travel is for you.

How do you think your money is better spent: sitting in an expensive dental chair at home, or lying on the beach while a highly-trained dental specialist fashions your crowns or implants at less than half the going price?

Many cosmetic dentists in India will keep you only for a day, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the country. If you do need return visits, you'll still have plenty of time to be a tourist – after all, your clinic won't be far from the tourist sites.


Dental Tourism In India



India Dental Tourism
India Dental Tourism
India Dental Tourism     Dental tourism India

India Dental Tourism
India Dental Tourism
Dental tourism In India
Dental Tourism In India


Dental Tourism India  with their travel partners will be able to take care of your exciting tour packages along with excellent dental treatment. At our place we can arrange for your flight schedules, car rental, and accommodation with reputed hoteliers nearby the clinic place at very reasonable rates. We are located in Delhi from where many exotic and exciting Indian locations, including sunny beaches at Goa, beautiful palaces at Rajasthan, back waters at Kerala, Taj Mahal at Agra and many more are easily approachable. Airfares are surprisingly cheap from Mumbai and within India, making a holiday extension very attractive and affordable. We can arrange and book day trips and weekend getaways to exciting destinations within and around New Delhi. India is a land blessed with the best of natural beauty, architectural manifestations, cultural and religious art forms, and in the recent years it has also carved a wonderful niche for itself on the world business map.  It’s any travel enthusiast’s paradise due to the wide variety of holidaying options it has on offer from trekking along the wonderful hill ranges to soaking up the sun by the warm and sunny beaches, from art exploration at the wonderful old edifices to chilling out in the beautiful hill stations.  India is also one of the most preferred destinations for medical treatment as it is home some of the best medical practices in the world.  This includes cosmetic dental procedures at top notch facilities under the hands of the best dental experts, and the low treatment prices becoming the icing on the cake. For the patient seeking affordable and quality cosmetic dental procedures, India sure comes across as truly attractive.

Dental Tourism In India Packages 


At Dental Tourism India Dental Clinic have been specially designed and administration is specially run keeping the strict requirements of all international clients in mind. At  Dental Tourism India, all dental procedures are carried out as per the strict international standards of hygiene and sterilization, using the latest dental techniques and materials.

As such, all our off-shore clients receive the same (or even higher) standards of dental care at Dental Tourism India that they would receive back home at a fraction of the cost. (even after including the flight and the accommodation expenses). We arrange through our travel partners the entire package, including the flight arrangements, accommodation, local tour packages during your stay along with your required dental treatments as one whole package. All you have to do is just let us know your preferred dates and our co-ordinators will get in touch with you and arrange a complete tour package which includes your dental treatments in it. All of this is combined in one economical package for you.

Our dental healthcare holidays exclusive package offers you a complete Healthcare package including the Healthcare procedure by the reputed specialist Doctor .The final cost of the procedure and package will be quoted by  dental after the consultation and assessment of the individual case by the Doctor. dental exclusive package would include: 

  • Procedure: Cost of the Healthcare procedure quoted by Doctor.

  • Return Air tickets: dental would be pleased to book your and the accompanied person's return air tickets with the airline of your choice.

  • Transfers: Airport to Accommodation (Hotel), For Pre and Post procedure consultations and procedure, Accommodation (Hotel) to Airport.

  • Personal bilingual Assistant: For Pre and post procedure consultation sessions, Procedure session, Local city tours and Airport transfers.

  • Accommodation: You can choose the category of Hotel -the applicable price of package varies accordingly.

  • Local City Tour: 01day – Local sight seeing and market visit.

  • Personal Communication device: Cellular phone for the use during your stay in India.

  • Post procedure luxury vacation tour: A post procedure luxury vacation tour to any exotic destination of your choice in India, Nepal or Bhutan.

  • All Applicable Taxes

  • Excluding

  • Breakfast, Meals and Beverages.

  • Incidental travel and stop over costs.

  • Incidental medical costs.


Approximate Cost Comparison



United States Mexico Hungary Poland India Thailand Romania
Single Implant $2990 to $5,000 $990 $1000 $900 $525 to $1012 $1700 $950
Veneers At least $800 to $1200 $369 $360 $450 $220 $240 $240
Root canal $699 to $1300 $299 to $329 $60 $150 to $200 $80 $90 to $200 $90 to $200
Crowns $750 to $1,000 $299 $285 $280 to $ 800 $80 $210 to $390 $240 to $600
Bonding $150 to $300 $70 $70 $60 $25 to $30 $80 $75
Wisdom Tooth Removal $250 to $500 $120 $180 $190 $90 $144 $120

Dental Qualification and Accreditation profiles of Dental Tourism In India


  • Dental education in India comprises of four years of study and one year of internship, after which they are awarded the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree (B.D.S).   This degree is overseen by the Dental Council of India.

Post graduation

  • Dentists can specialise and get a Master of Dental Surgery degree by taking post graduate courses in one or more of the following specialities – Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative and Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Oral medicine and Radiology, Community Dentistry.
  • Many institutions also offer other short or long post graduate courses in Dental Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Two Year Certificate courses are also offered in Dental Mechanics and Dental Hygiene

Governing Bodies

  • The Dental Council of India that has been constituted under the Dentists Act, 1948, regulates the Dental Education and the profession of Dentistry throughout India and it is financed by the Govt. of India in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Department of Health)


  • Most dental clinics and hospitals offering dentistry as a speciality are JCI and ISO certified.

What are the popular cosmetic dentistry treatments offered in India? Some of the most popular procedures offered by the cosmetic dental clinics in India include

Dental Restorations

Onlays & Inlays


Bridges work

Teeth Whitening

Laminates / Veneers work

Invisible Fillings

Spaces to Big / Small Teeth work

Stained Teeth work

Porcelain Onlays & Inlays

Fractured Tooth repair

Teeth Jewellery work

Where are the popular locations in India to seek cosmetic dental treatment?

The choice of dental clinics and hospitals is as wide as the country, with some of the popular destinations including

  • Delhi
  • Chandigarh
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Cochin

Travelling and accommodation in India (Dental Tourism In India )

Getting There by Air The major airports are located in Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Cochin and Chennai and are served by India’s own international airlines, the Air India and Indian Airlines as well as leading foreign airlines such as the Swissair, Lufthansa, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Gulf Air, Delta, and Cathay Pacific. Getting There by Road Roadways connect India with very few neighbouring countries, namely Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Getting Around Getting Around by Car Since the traffic is pretty congested, it is advisable to opt for chauffeur driven cars that are available in the main tourist centres and also have approval from the Government of India Tourist Office.  Self drive cars can be availed at the major metros and will require you to have an international deriving permit. Getting Around by Taxi Metered and non-metered taxi services, and rickshaws are available throughout the country.  Make sure to have the meter flagged if there is one before the journey begins or negotiate and agree on a price before embarking in case the meter is absent. Getting Around by Bus India has an extensive network of bus services connecting all parts of the country. Getting Around by Rail India also has a widespread network of rail services connecting all major cities.  These include luxury trains, local trains connecting different parts of the state, broad gauge services in hilly areas, express trains, fast passengers and special trains.

Accommodation in India ( Guide To Dental Tourism In India )

The type of accommodations available in India include Hotel These range from luxury resorts to low budget motels. In India you can avail of economy range hotel services without having to forego the cleanliness and quality factor. Budget Hotels Very cheap hotels which mostly operate on a 24-hour system where you check out the following day at the same time as you signed in, while some maintain the noon checkout. Luxury Hotels These include the super deluxe, deluxe, five star, four star and three star, depending on the facilities and services they offer.  They are located in the major tourist centres and the metros.  The well known hotel groups in India include The Taj Group, the Welcomgroup (affiliated with Sheraton), the Oberoi, Ritz, Casino and the Air India linked Centaur Hotels.  The Ashok Hotels run by the ITDC group are found in practically in every town of India.  And for all those who like to enjoy the royal Indian treatment, you can check into heritage hotels located in Rajasthan, Gujarat and other smaller places all over India, which were once the forts and palaces of the erstwhile kings but now converted into hotels. Youth Hostels The Indian Youth Hostels are located all over India and offer very cheap and excellent facilities.  These are usually a bit distant from the main city centre.  Having a youth hostel card is an advantage as it can help you avail of discounts on your stay.   Government Accommodation The British administrators have left behind a string of accommodation units like Rest Houses, Dak Bungalows, Circuit Houses, PWD (Public Works Department) Bungalows, and Forest Rest Houses all over the country and in attractive locations. Though exclusively used by travelling government officials, overnight stays for tourists are permitted especially in far-flung areas. Tourist Bungalows These are run by the State Governments and have excellent facilities as well as economic charges. Further they have great restaurants which are just as reasonable.  Single and double rooms are available with and without A/C. Railway Retiring Room This is an option open to travelers in transit, with well maintained rooms at reasonable rates made available to travelers carrying a railway ticket or an Indrail Pass.  They offer convenience and affordability. Railway Waiting Rooms These have seating areas where you can wait through the night until your journey, and are free to all those who have a valid train ticket. Home Stays Home stays are available in Rajasthan, Ladakh, Chennai and Mumbai in alliance with the Tourism Development Corporations of the respective states, with Indian families offering accommodation and food to the tourists in the warmth of their homes. Others Other options for stay include

  • YMCAs and YWCAs in big cities which are also well equipped and affordable
  • Salvation Army Hostels found in Calcutta, Chennai and Mumbai
  • Camping facilities available in outdoor type locations
  • Free accommodations and meals for a limited period at some Sikh Gurudwaras (temple), dharamsalas and choultries in Hindu pilgrimage areas where drinking, smoking and amoral behavior are prohibited


It is a developing concept whereby people from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs. Most common treatments are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care. The reason India is a favourable destination is because of it's infrastructure and technology in which is in par with those in USA, UK and Europe. India has some of the best hospitals, clinics and treatment centers in the world with the best facilities. Since it is also one of the most favourable tourist destinations in the world, Medication combines with tourism has come into effect, from which the concept of Medical Tourism is derived.


As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. India is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these "medical tourists." Even with airfare, the cost of going to India for surgery can be markedly cheaper, and the quality of services is often better than that found in the United States and UK. Indeed, many patients are pleased at the prospect of combining their tummy tucks with a trip to the Taj Mahal. – Yale Global.


Many countries have developed links for speedy treatments in India for their nationals on account of the fact that in these countries one has to wait for extended periods of time to undergo operations.


In India, medical treatment is not only fast but also costs a fraction of what it costs in USA or Europe. Even tele-consultancy is available for expert opinion and transmission facilities. Some of the states have already established themselves as destinations for health care and medical tourism. The growing need is for high level specialised treatments like Dentistry, transplantation of vital organs, cancer treatment, neuro-surgery, cardiac surgery and many more.


Dental Tourism in India  can be generally defined as provision of 'cost effective' personal health care in association with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical healthcare and other forms of dedicated treatment. This process is being facilitated by the corporate sector concerned in health care as well as the tourism industry – both personal and public.


Medical or Health treatment package tourism has become a recurrent form of vacationing, and covers a broad range of medical services. It mingles free time, amusing and recreation together with wellness and healthcare packages.


The thought of the health holiday is to offer you and chance to get away from your daily habitual and come into a dissimilar calming neighboring. Here you can take pleasure in being close to the beach and the mountains. At the same time you are able to accept a compass reading that will assist you advance your life in terms of your health and general well being. It is like reconstruction and cleans up process on all levels – physical, psychological and expressive.


Many people from the urbanized world come to India for the upgrading promised by yoga and Ayurvedic massage, but few consider it a target for hip substitute or brain surgical procedure. However, a nice blend of top-class medical expertise at attractive prices is helping a rising number of Indian corporate hospitals attract foreign patients, including from developed nations such as the UK and the US.


As more and more patients from Europe, the US and other well heeled nations with high Medicare package costs look for effectual options; India is rutted against Thailand, Singapore and some other Asian countries, which have good hospitals, salubrious climate and visitor destinations. While Thailand and Singapore with their advanced medical amenities and built-in medical tourism options have been drawing foreign patients of the order of a couple of lakhs per annum, the quickly growing Indian corporate hospital sector has been able to get a little thousands for cure.

But, things are going to change radically in favor of India, particularly in view of the high eminence expertise of medical professionals, backed by the fast improving tools and nursing amenities, and above all, the cost-effectiveness of the pack up.


Medical Facilities for Dental Tourism In  India


The medical treatment tourism India has depicted a massive growth in infrastructure in the private and voluntary sector. The private sector, which was very unpretentious in the early stages, has now become an affluent industry prepared with the most modern state-of-the-art technology at its disposal. It is expected that 75-80 percent of healthcare services and investments in India are now provided by the private sector. In addition to that India has one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world.


It is self-sufficient and self- reliant in drug production and exports drugs to more than 180 countries. Using the latest technical apparatus and the services of highly expert medical personnel, these hospitals are in a position to provide a spectrum of general as well as specialist’s services. These services are offered at awfully cutthroat prices; cheering patients not only from developing countries but even from a number of developed ones to come to India for medical treatment packages.

Amidst varied general and specialty medical treatment packages the noteworthy packages are as beneath-


1. Bone Marrow Transplant

2. Cardiac Care and surgery package

3. Cosmetic Surgery package

4. Dialysis and Kidney Transplant package

5. Gynaecology & Obstetrics

6. Healthcare facilities

7. Joint Replacement Surgery package

8. Neuro-surgery & Trauma Surgery treatment package

9. Osteoporosis medical treatment package

10. Refractive Surgery package

11. Urology

12. Vascular Surgery package

13. Dental care medical package


As far as the cost of medical treatment packages are concerned, India offer the most competitive treatment package price to the world with its up- to- the- minute medical devices. The prices of different pathological tests range from Rs.50 to 3000. And that depends upon the nature of the test.


Now, the specialty hospitals are using Nuclear medicines for treatment. Here radioactive isotopes are injected or administered orally and that is again scanned by sophisticated Gamma camera. So for high quality treatment at lowest possible cost one must select India as his medical treatment destination.


Please find below a small cost comparison of dental treatment procedures between USA and India. There is a huge difference between the pricing (about 7/8 times when we speak of Top-end dentists). 


Dental tourism  in India is not expensive when you compare it with cost of treatments in western countries. Many people come every year from the USA and Europe for dental treatment to India and then visit tourist places after it. This is a new form of tourism which has developed in which the dental treatments are clubbed with tours, and several medical travel agencies provide specialized services in this regard.


In India the dental clinics have equipment which can match the best of international standards and the doctors are well trained and experienced. The dental tour operators in India have a tie up with highly qualified dentists. So if you are planning to have some dental treatment done in India, you can get in touch with the specific doctor through the travel agent. Once that is fixed, the travel agent arranges a nice package tour and you can visit some of the interesting cities of India.


Dental tourism in India includes both general and specialized treatments. Some dental tour packages provide a custom-made treatment plan that fits into a travel itinerary as well. This plan is generally chalked out keeping every patient’s needs in mind. Hence it includes tooth extraction, fitting braces, treatment of gums, complete denture and bleaching, just to name a few.


For dental tourism there are several cities in India where the medical tourism operators in India function. There are clinics in Chandigarh, in Chennai and of course in the capital, in New Delhi. All of them offer trained dental experts, latest dental technology and world class facilities. Attached to these clinics the medical tour operator will offer you special travel packages specially designed for international patients.


Dental Tourism In India is one such dental clinic that welcomes patients from all over the world. They have no waiting lists and as soon as you get in touch with them, they can offer you the appointment. They work in modern facilities and use the latest technology and equipment to provide expert dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.


Besides, India is a convenient country to visit where the weather is nice and the people are warm. The environment is beautiful and tropical and accommodation is comfortable too. Coming to Dental Tourism In India for your dental treatments is an attractive option since you can enjoy your holiday tour along with getting your dental treatment within your budget.



If you are living in Europe or America any kind of medical treatment for you is frightfully expensive at home. So, India is the place to go and get the treatment done for you and after that you can enjoy a lovely sightseeing holiday through exotic India. This concept is called a medical vacation offered by several medical tour operators in India. Find out all that you want to know about medical tourism in India. Click here…….>>Medical Vacations >>

Learn about all the advantages that you get if you choose India as the destination for your medical tourism. Click here…>>Why Choose India >>

Dental tourism is naturally catching on very fast, though the concept is still new. To see all the facilities that are available for Dental tourism in India and how your trip can be tailor-made for you just click on ……..>>Medical Facilities Available in India >>

Even the most complex treatments can be taken care of. Look at all the types of dental treatment offered by us using the latest technology just by clicking on …………>>Tourism with Dental Care >>

The price differences may make you wonder why it is so affordable in India. If you click on ……>>Medical Treatment Cost Differences >> you will find the cost differences of treatment, where your cost saving can be more than 50 %. Check out all the services that are offered and you can compare them with services anywhere in the world.

You save money on the dental treatment and you gain a holiday too. Would you like to know about the various health care packages which are available in India? Just click here ….. >>Various Health Care Packages Available >> and you will get to know how you can combine your dental treatment with a rejuvenating holiday. Know all about the dental care medical packages which are available, which includes the various dental treatments and the exciting holidays with it.

You can actually hire a medical travel agency and sit back at home and let them do all the work. To know all about appointments and bookings and see how easily it can be done. Special travel packages are offered, where you have your plans and ideas and the agencies convert it to reality.

The multispeciality dental clinic in New Delhi called Dental Tourism In India has an ideal combination of services available for you. Check out by clicking on ……..>>Why Dental Tourism India >>With us you can get any type of dental treatment that you want, no matter how complicated it is.

At Dental Tourism In India you can get all your dental treatments done at a very affordable price. You could not have afforded any specialized dental treatment in your country, but in India with us it is possible and that too with a bonus – within the same budget you can combine a trip in India.

Tourism with Dental Care – We offer dental treatment in India, dental tourism, dental tours in india, dental care packages, dental tour packages, dental tourism packages, tour packages with dental care, dental package tours, dental tour, dental tours, dental holidays in India.


Millions of people every year fly from USA, and Europe to tourist places in India for a grand holiday and DENTAL TREATMENT. Yes, it's true. The cost of dental treatment is the western countries are approximately 10 times more than that in India.


With these high costs people have started to club their tours with dental treatments into one, ending up by having a grand holiday almost FREE.  


Dental treatment in India is inexpensive as compared to the western countries. India, we have clinic with state to the art equipment’s and well trained experienced doctors to match the best of international standards.


Dentists can charge $300 to $400 for a Dental Filling in USA & Europe. It costs only $20 to $40 in India. A Root Canal is $3,000 in the West but only $100 to $200 in India. Dentures can cost $1000 overseas but only $200 in India  .We can also club your Dental Treatment with a nice package tour visiting some of the interesting cities of India. We offer both general and specialized treatments. Keeping in mind every discerning patient’s needs, we aim to provide a custom-made treatment plan that fits into your travel itinerary as well.


The answer to get quality dental treatment at affordable cost is Dental Tourism India.


Do you know that 45% of people above the age of 65 years are without any teeth in the West. Dental treatment is enormously expensive in the West. Rehabilitation procedures are compromised due to the high cost involved. Dental tourism, which is sometime known as tooth tourism or dental travel is not a recent concept. In the US the main reason for going abroad for dental care is the cost advantage which the foreign country offers. In Canada and certain European countries with national healthcare systems, it's the extensive wait list that results into their citizens finding other sources to meet their health care needs. However dental tourism is not always the best option. If you need braces which require frequent adjustment by the orthodontist it may be a better idea to seek help at home. But when you need major dental work like full mouth rehabilitation or jaw surgeries or couple of big and small dental procedures  dental tourism to India can save you thousands of dollars. 


Reasons for travel

While dental tourists may travel for a variety of reasons, their choices are usually driven by price considerations.[1][2] Wide variations in the economics of countries with shared borders have been the historical mainstay of the sector. Examples include travel from Austria to Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia,[1] the US to Mexico, from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland,Hungary,Poland,Turkey and Ukraine . While medical tourism is often generalized to travel from high-income countries to low-cost developing economies, other factors can influence a decision to travel, including differences between the funding of public healthcare or general access to healthcare.[2]

Mobility of labour

For countries within the European Union, dental qualifications are required to reach a minimum approved by each country’s government.[3] Thus a dentist qualified in one country can apply to any other EU country to practice in that country, allowing for greater mobility of labour for dentists (Directives typically apply not only to the EU but to the wider designation of the European Economic Area – EEA).[4] The Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) has standardization efforts to harmonize European standards. Proposals from the ADEE's Quality Assurance and Benchmarking taskforce cover the introduction of accreditation procedures for EU dentistry universities as well as programmes to facilitate dental students completing part of their education in foreign dentistry schools.[5] Standardization of qualification in a region reciprocally removes one of the perceptual barriers for the development of patient mobility within that region.

Pricing and quality

There is substantive debate about pricing and quality differentials between locations. Much of this debate centers around the question of whether or not these price differentials imply quality differentials. Another concern is whether or not large scale dentist procedures can be safely completed abroad in a relatively short, "holiday-sized" time period. Surveys of dentists show that high speed large scale dental treatment more often require remedial work.[citation needed] The legal recourse of patients is often uncertain with dental tourism. Another issue affecting this debate is the lack of a independent inspections committee for dental similar to the Joint Commission International for medical.

An instructive case study for this debate is an analysis of patient outflows from the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland, two large sources of dental tourists. Both countries were the subject of a report from the Irish Competition Authority to determine whether consumers were receiving value for money from their dentists.[6] Both countries’ professions were criticised for a lack of pricing transparency. A response to this is that dentistry is unsuitable for transparent pricing: each treatment will vary, an accurate quote is impossible until an examination has occurred. Thus price lists are no guarantee of final costs. Though they may encourage a level of competition between dentists, this will only happen in a competitive environment where supply and demand are closely matched. The 2007 Competition Authority report in the Irish Republic criticised the profession on its approach to increasing numbers of dentists and the training of dental specialties – orthodontics was a particular area for concern with training being irregular and limited in number of places. Supply is further limited as new dental specialties develop and dentists react to consumer demand for new dental products, further diluting the pool of dentists available for any given procedure.

Aside from the above issues, it is possible to compare the prices of treatment in different countries. With the international nature of some products and brands it is possible to make a valid comparison. For instance, the same porcelain veneer made in a lab in Sweden can be as much as 2500 AUD in Australia, but only 1200 AUD in India. The price difference here is not explainable by reference to the material cost.[7]


United States

El Salvador








Implants, with crown

$2990 to $5,000










At least $800 to 2,000









Root canal

$699 to $2,000


$300 to $450


$150 to $200


$90 to $200

$100 to $200



$750 to $3,000




$280 to $ 800


$210 to $390

$240 to $600



$150 to $300





$25 to $30



$40 to $50

Clearly then from above, there can be significant financial incentives to undertaking expensive treatment overseas. Such activity even including the travel expenses and accommodation can be significantly cheaper than undertaking procedures at home.

Although some think it is a good idea to simply go to the country as a tourist and find a dentist there, rather than to find dentists on the Internet, you take a great risk just walking into a clinic having done no research. Pricing can be researched on the internet by comparing sites that provide lists, but one thing that is even more important is that researching online, one can also get a better idea as to the qualifications of the dentists. Through e-mail contact, you can ask for references, ask about payment options, and even get information about accommodations. When you just walk in off the street, you don't know what they will charge, or if they are reputable. Price is not the only consideration. For example, in Mexico, many dentists, who are just general practitioners, have taken a course for a couple of months and start placing dental implants. The same is true in the USA – one should always insist on a certified specialist for serious treatments. You cannot expect them to do as good a job as someone who has had 2 years of intense training on implants and who is now board certified as a specialist. On the internet, one at least can initiate contact, ask for credentials, references, prices beforehand, and schedule with the clinic to be able to get the work done in the quickest manner, without delays. In this way you can make an informed decision, and choose wisely.

One other important consideration is location. If you go all the way to India or Singapore or Argentina for a dental procedure, and something goes wrong, it is a long way to go to have to return and get them to fix it. Many[citation needed] Americans choose to go somewhere easily accessible from the US, such as San Salvador or Tijuana. Due to the ongoing narco-violence in towns such as Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, clinics in safer towns 1,000 miles south of the border – Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan etc. have recently started offering large treatment patients airfare or resort stays. (See info below.) Since procedures often require multiple steps, or subsequent checkups, the patient may have to return to the same doctor for those reasons. Or, in the case of dental implants, if the implant is placed in another country but is restored by another doctor locally, the information about the implant can be difficult to retrieve from the original doctor. Typically though, a patient takes 2 trips to have implants. The first to set the base and a temporary, the second trip 4-6 months later after ones mouth has healed and accepted the implant-one has the temp removed and the permanent crown set. 2 one-week trips are necessary. One-Day-Implants are not recommended for dental tourists due to the higher failure rate of the system.

Other considerations that a patient may take into account include the lack of availability of a dentists, long appointment time delays and the need to take extra time off work. However, when combined with a holiday, as the name implies, dental tourism can be an opportunity to do two things for much less than the price of one of them. (&)Argentina has similar prices as India


More Fun Than Root Canals? It’s the Dental Vacation

Courtesy of the Gates family

JENNIFER GATES, 40, a hairstylist and makeup artist from Northern California, hadn’t seen a dentist in a decade when she got the call last spring. Her father, Jerry Halley, 64, phoned to say he desperately needed crowns for a few back teeth and other work. Without insurance, Mr. Halley, who owns a landscaping business in Oregon, would have to pay the estimated $8,000 bill.


 “We all needed quality dental care, fast,” said Ms. Gates, whose own dental-work estimate was $20,000 and whose immediate family was also uninsured. “So, I started planning.”

Ms. Gates found a reputable dentist through friends of her parents who had traveled to Mexico for care. Six weeks later, Ms. Gates flew to join her parents for a week of massages and tanning in San José del Cabo, Mexico, punctuated, in her case, by daily visits to Dr. Rosa Peña for five procedures including a root canal.

In the last year, Ms. Gates, who had a tooth so deteriorated she could touch its nerve with her tongue, has returned with her parents, husband and 14-year-old son to scuba dive and to open wide for Dr. Peña. Her 20-year-old daughter and son-in-law also have made a trip. All told Ms. Gates’s extended clan has had 12 crowns, 6 dental veneers, 4 root canals, over half a dozen fillings, 6 whitening treatments and 2 broken teeth fixed at a savings, they say, of tens of thousands of dollars. “Dr. Rosy is now our family dentist,” Ms. Gates said.

Perhaps this is not everyone’s idea of a worry-free family getaway.

Nevertheless, for at least two decades, medical tourism has been an increasingly popular alternative for the uninsured desperate for care, and for middle-class Americans willing to travel to secure affordable health care.

Roughly half a million Americans sought medical care abroad in 2006, of which 40 percent were dental tourists, according to the National Coalition on Health Care, an alliance of more than 70 organizations. That’s up from an estimated 150,000 in 2004, said Renee-Marie Stephano, the chief operating officer for the Medical Tourism Association, a nonprofit organization that researches global health care.

Dental bridges and bonding ranked No. 1 and 2 on a list of most sought-after procedures for Americans traveling abroad for medical care, according to a report just published by HealthCare Tourism International, a nonprofit group that tracks health care.

In the latest twist on this trend, families are traveling abroad together, turning an annual vacation into a cost-effective checkup for the brood. Two reasons are at play, according to industry experts: a higher demand for elective dental care like bonding and veneers, and second, the growing number of medical travel agents who vouch for the foreign doctors they recommend. Agents help patients choose between sightseeing-cum-dental packages from Hungary to Mexico and can even arrange a foreign baby sitter for parents in need of fillings.

“You can see where this could be a perfect opportunity to incorporate dental care — not typically treatment that will leave you bed-bound — and a family tour of a new country,” Ms. Stephano said.

There are 75 medical travel agents based in the United States, she estimated, a number she suggested will double by the end of this year.

To allay new customers’ fears, many dentists abroad, some of whom have trained in the United States and use the same equipment as American dentists, rely heavily on word of mouth from satisfied customers. Their Web sites include testimonials, and stateside references are provided.

Although the American Dental Association has no official warning against foreign travel for dental care, a spokesman, Dr. Edmond Hewlett, said, “Dentists abroad are not held to the same standards as in the U.S.”

“Teeth are not just appliances,” added Dr. Hewlett, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry. “They’re not like a car you take in for an annual tune-up. Your oral health affects your general health and vice versa.”

There are two main groups of family-oriented dental travelers, said Neil Patel, the founder of HealthCare Tourism International. Immigrants have long returned to their countries of origin for dental and medical care and to spend time with relatives. But now there’s a more recent wave of patients, interested in taking their families to a far-flung location to make the best out of what is essentially a rather unpleasant chore.

“Call it multitasking, if you will,” said Mr. Patel, who added that he was also seeing improvements in risk management, the transfer of medical records and translator services.


Sometimes patients take relatives along to nurse them (if they need it) and to city-hop with them (if they don’t). That was the case when Robert Mucci, 55, a utilities manager from Valley Stream, N.Y., contacted Dental-Offer, a dental tourism agency, to book a trip to Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary, a hot spot for tooth travel.

 “I had no idea how I was going to feel, and I wanted to have my family with me as a support system,” said Mr. Mucci, who had several teeth extracted, bone grafting and implants. “It turned out the pain was totally manageable,” said Mr. Mucci, who went with his wife, 24-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. He still paid a third of what he was told he would have to pay at home, and that included flights. And, since the work was done in less time than he was told it would take at home, he had plenty of time to sight-see in Vienna, Bratislava and Prague.

Most medical tourism agencies do not specialize in tooth travel for families, but it is fast becoming a staple of their business. Just a year ago, Steve Gallegos, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who used to coordinate health care for military families abroad, opened Medcentrek, a medical tourism agency in San Antonio. He has already had dozens of requests for family dental travel.

“We make recommendations not only on the health care end, but also where to stay, what to do, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, you name it,” Mr. Gallegos said. “As people get comfortable with the idea, this kind of family dental vacation could become an annual thing.”

In years past, the farthest that Leona Denison, 30, a cosmetologist from Albuquerque, usually went for a getaway was Arizona. This year, her family of four went to Costa Rica, where she got nine dental implants and three crowns.

“It took a lot of coaxing on my part to get my husband to agree, but Medcentrek helped with all the arrangements,” Ms. Denison said. “We saw waterfalls and volcanoes. My husband went rafting. Being from New Mexico, my girls really loved the ocean.”

Even with travel expenses, she paid $6,000 less than the $21,000 price a local dentist had quoted for the work.

Remarkably, some patients argue that a flight and a few hours in the dental chair is less hassle than having to rush back to the office half-sedated. For others, turning a trip to the dentist into a family vacation takes their mind off pending procedures. Lori Sullivan, 43, an administrative assistant in a home health care agency in Port Angeles, Wash., admits that she fears dentists.

Last spring, when she found out she would need an expensive root canal, she decided to book a diverting trip with her 8-year-old daughter to Tijuana, Mexico, through PlanetHospital, a medical tourism agency based in Los Angeles.

“I had heard of this, but had never considered it an option,” Ms. Sullivan said. “Then, I did my research. The procedure went fine and the price was right.”

Her agency hired a baby sitter for her daughter during her root canal, and, she said, they “even arranged to have us driven down to Baja one day where we had lobster and walked along the beach. It was a long weekend we’ll never forget.” She added: “Now, I’m saving up to go back for veneers. My daughter can’t wait.”


Thousands are seeking cut-price dental work overseas because they cannot get an appointment on the Health Service, it has been claimed.

The most popular destinations are Hungary and Poland where treatment can be several thousand pounds cheaper than private work here.

Experts warned last night, however, that these trips could be a false economy.

Frances Blunden of consumer magazine Which? said: "People should go into this with their eyes wide open.

"They need to be mindful of what would happen if they needed follow-up treatment. They could end up having to pay twice over. And it will be very hard to complain."

The figures issued by the health tourism website show that 35,000 Britons a year are travelling abroad for dental work.

This number is expected to increase in the next year to between 52,500 and 70,000.

Tourists are apparently saving an average of £3,745.

The typical value of overseas dental treatments on the website was £2,200 before travel costs. The same treatment here would cost around £5,945.

Recent figures from Which? showed that more than a million patients cannot get an appointment for their teeth on the NHS.

Around 500 dentists left the service in one year after the Government botched the introduction of a new contract. chief executive Caelen King said: "There are many good reasons why people are deciding to travel abroad, including long waiting lists and the potential for massive cost savings."

However, Peter Ward, chief executive of the British Dental Association, said: "Perhaps people should look beyond the economic reasons for going abroad and make sure the level of service they are getting is comparable with the UK."



Dental Tourism India

India is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for dental tourism in the world. Thousands of people from USA, Europe and other parts of the world fly to India every year seeking dental treatment. Though tourists attach a variety of reasons for their travel, the major indicator is the cost for dental implants and dental surgery, which is generally cheap in India.


Dental Tourism India

Irrespective of recession and slump downs in the market, many people still travel to India for various dental treatments. Among many reasons, the major one could be the cost and dental insurance. In U.S, only 50% of the total population has dental insurance. Even those with comprehensive medical packages do not a have dental coverage.


Apart from the low dental insurance coverage, cost of the dental treatments is also extremely high in these western countries. For instance, a patient requiring root canal treatment might cost up to $600 and a tooth crowning may cost around $40000. However, same procedures cost around $35-125 in India.


Listed below is the cost comparison of dental treatment between USA and India. The figures are indicative and might vary as you approach your dental tourism provider.


Dental procedure

Cost in USA ($)

Cost in India ($)


General Dentist

Top End Dentist

Top End Dentist

Smile designing



Metal Free Bridge



Dental Implants



Porcelain Metal Bridge




Porcelain Metal Crown




Tooth impactions




Root canal Treatment




Tooth whitening




Tooth colored composite fillings




Tooth cleaning








The Indian dental tourist provider offer a combination pack that enables the visiting patients to correct their teeth as well enjoy the attractions of the country, rich in culture and heritage.


Dental surgery offered in India



India is well equipped with quality hospitals and experienced dentists that assure reliable treatment. Many dental tourism providers in India offer you worthwhile dental packages. Most of them include the following dental surgery/treatment options:


Intra mouth dental scanning

Extraction of normal/fractured teeth under local anesthesia

Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth

Ceramic caps without gold under microscopic control

Maxillary Surgery

Dental Bridges, Porcelain/Ceramic crowns


Prosthesis on the implant/ Dental Implants

Vertical and horizontal bone grafting

Gum Grafting/ Gums treatment

Palatal orthodontics

Fluoride treatments for children

Cosmetic dentistry

Smile designing.

Root Canal

Teeth whitening

Tooth contouring and reshaping

Dental Fillings



Dental Implants



India is popular for successful dental surgery treatments like dental implants and implantology. Dental implants are titanium fixtures or artificial teeth that are surgically placed in the jawbone. Over a period the titanium fixtures merges with the teeth bone through a process called osseo-integration. Once this foundation becomes strong, a crown or bridge is placed on the respective teeth.


There are different types of surgical dental implants procedure. If you are coming for dental implants to India, check with your dentist for the dental implant procedure you might require. The types of dental implant procedures include:


Root form Implant: This implant looks like the root of a tooth. If your jawbone is wide and deep enough then the implant is placed on your bone surgically with local anesthesia. However, in conditions where there is not enough width or depth in the jawbone, grafting is done to place the same. Once the implant is placed, the gums are stitched and take three to six months to heal.


Plate form Implant: If your jawbone is too narrow for bone grafting, then a plate form implant is suggested. After local anesthesia, a cosmetic dentist will place the implant on your bone and stitch the gums. While few implants are healed quickly, some might take three to six months for restoration.


Subperiosteal Implants: This is suggested in cases where the jawbone does not have enough height/width to accommodate either the root form or the plate form implant. This is a custom-made solution for your teeth and is usually placed via any of the two special methods. The first method involves making an impression of your jawbone by a cosmetic dentist. After which, he/she comes up with a custom-fit implant to suit your bone. The second methodology involves CAT scan of your jawbone. The CAT scans your jawbone and provides the dentist with a model of the same. With this model, the dental labs create an implant suitable for your jawbone.


Dental implants are usually costlier abroad. A dental implant by a senior dentist in US might cost around $3500. While dental implants in India by an experienced dentist may just cost around $800. Listed below are the indicative figures of dental implants in India


Dental implant procedures   Cost in INR

Alpha Bio Dental Implant with straight abutment 25,000

Nobel Biocare-Groovy Dental Implants      40,000

Computer Guided Implant Surgery 50,000

Procelain based Metal Crown           4, 500

Procera-Crown & Veneer      15,000



Cosmetic Dentistry in India



Many dental tourism providers in India also offer cosmetic dentistry package to enhance your smile and appearance. The cosmetic dentistry packages to India may include one or all of the following depending on your dental tourism provider.


Tooth whitening – If you have stained or dull teeth then this is the best option for you.


Dental Bonding – If you have a minor repair on your gaps or repair of the placed chips, then dental bonding might suit you. Dental bonding in India is relatively cheaper and solves all aesthetic problems arising from color and shape.


Dental Veneers – These custom-made moldings made of porcelain/ceramic are perfect for spaces, chips, fractures, rotated or maligned teeth, distorted, or discolored teeth.


Tooth Reshaping/Cosmetic Contouring – This is done to straighten the contour teeth.


Gum Reshaping/Gum Contouring – The procedure is done to correct excessive or uneven gums through cosmetic dental procedures/gigivoplasty that makes your smile more appealing.


Gum Depigmentation – This is done to re-color the pigments of the gum that are black or brown at times.


Inlays/Onlays – This procedure involves placing porcelain, resin, or gold filling bonds to restore a decayed or broken tooth.

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