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Dental Tourism, Myth Or Fact?


Cosmetic Dentistry has recently become a very popular way to improve your looks and there has been a huge increase in the popularity of dental tourism over the last few years. You will find that people living in countries where the cost of cosmetic dentistry is exceptionally high, will look abroad, knowing that there are options which can save them money.


Friend and relatives will often ask them to reconsider, arguing that the safety of having a cosmetic procedure carried out in a "less advanced" country is asking for trouble. But how true is this allegation?


The truth is that although there are some recorded instances of people traveling abroad for dental treatment, that had ended up with results they are not satisfied with, it does not seem to be any more common than finding people being unhappy with the results of a full-price dental treatment in their home country.


The facts are that it is not safer to have dental surgery in a "full price" country such as the United States or the Republic of Ireland, compared to "cut-price" countries such as Mexico or Slovakia.


It is imperative that when considering overseas dental treatment, you do thorough research. "Where should I get it done?" is one question you should research. "By whom" is another. Because you will find in places like Mexico, India or Hungary, there are better and worse dentists – just like in any country. Traveling for your dental treatment is something that more and more people are doing, without any negative outcome.


You can do a search on the internet and you will find many sites that offer you teeth whitening treatments in different countries at a wide range of prices. This creates a situation where the possibility are that you will spend less money – on the treatment and travel combined – than what you would have, by staying in your home country for your teeth whitening treatment.


There are many countries – usually those where the per capita incomes are higher – where dental treatment is really more expensive than it needs to be. The Treatment Centers, knowing that people are often prepared to pay the going rate, set their prices as high as they could. People in those countries who are prepared to do a little bit of shopping around will find that they could get a better deal abroad.


You will of course find a number of people who stick to the maxim "you get what you pay for" and they believe that by going abroad for cheaper dental treatment they will get poor-quality treatment, and by cutting costs they would have cut their standards too.


This is actually not the case, in the huge majority of such situations, you will find that the quality of the procedures does not vary greatly between different countries and locations – and in many cases clients that go abroad are happier with the treatment they received than those who remained closer to home.


Another advantage when you decide to have your teeth whitening treatment done abroad is that you can combine it with a long-delayed vacation and come back home with a happy and confident smile.



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