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Surgical Dentistry

Surgical Dentistry, or what is more commonly known as Oral Surgery, is the dental sect that involves performing surgical procedures in order to alleviate problems with the teeth and gums.  For many, the mere thought of having to have dental surgery is usually enough to cause high levels of stress, however, while many forms of oral surgery come with some pain and discomfort, by selecting a good dental surgeon you can be assured that the procedure will be performed correctly, which will drastically reduce the amount of post-operative pain and misery experienced.

Surgical Dentistry includes any type of surgical procedure which is performed on the teeth and gums. Oral surgery procedures can include, but is not limited to: gum repairs, tooth replacement, extractions, preparation for bridges and prosthetics, and cosmetic surgery. All of these surgical dental procedures are performed by a special type of dentist who has completed coursework and is licensed to perform surgery; this dentist is better known as an oral surgeon.

Prior to undergoing any dental surgery it is important to understand the procedure you will be having done. Explained below are some of the most common dental surgery procedures:

Gum Repair and Gum Surgery

Gum diseases such as gingivitis, if they become severe enough, sometimes require surgery to be performed on the gums. The oral surgeon performs a procedure that cleans out the bacteria and cuts away gums which have overgrown over the teeth.

Tooth Replacement

For those individuals who were involved in some type of accident that caused a tooth or several teeth to be knocked-out, it is sometimes possible for your dentist to replace your tooth. Preserving the tooth by either putting it on ice or in a glass of milk will give you the best possible outcome for this dental surgery. If your tooth is knocked out, take it immediately to your dentist because if the root is still living it can be implanted back into your gums.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the surgical process of removing or "pulling" teeth out. Extracting a tooth means pulling it out with the root. This procedure is generally performed when a tooth has died, is decayed beyond repair, or when you need to have more room in your mouth for your other teeth. Depending on the situation, tooth extraction can be performed by an oral surgeon or by your regular dentist.  More often than not regular tooth extraction is performed by your dentist, but wisdom tooth extraction is performed by an oral surgeon.

Preparation for Dental Bridges and Dental Prosthetics

Those men and women who are in the process of getting bridges or dentures, it is sometimes necessary to have some oral surgery performed on your gums in order to prepare them for the implants or dentures.  This would require you to visit a surgical dentist.

Cosmetic Surgical Dentistry

Cosmetic surgical dentistry is generally performed in order to alter the aesthetics of one’s smile; it usually involves changing the gum line or removing small gaps in teeth. If you are considering cosmetic dental surgery you should find a very qualified oral surgeon to perform the procedure.