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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening





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Teeth Whitening



Teeth Whitening India

Teeth whitening has become the most asked for companies within the elegance sector still there proceeds for being an monumental sum of uncertainty with regards on the subject matter. Teeth whitening is incredibly lucrative, and consequently really aggressive, market; and that is in all probability why we now have these kinds of a complicated time sorting as a result of every one of the data, or misinformation, on the market. This text is meant to supply an overview of teeth whitening, the way it operates, what to look at for when evaluating teeth whitening goods and expert services, and enable you to establish if teeth whitening is to suit your needs. Or possibly, what kind of teeth whitening fits you ideal.

Selection of Gel: You will find essentially two forms of bleaching gels utilised within the US. Hydrogen peroxide gel and carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel. Hydrogen peroxide would be the energetic ingredient; i.e. hydrogen peroxide may be the genuine compound that bleaches your teeth. Carbamide peroxide needs to break down into hydrogen peroxide in advance of it could possibly bleach your teeth. 36% carbamide peroxide is approximately equal to 12% hydrogen peroxide.

Gel Focus: The higher the focus, the speedier and even more extraordinary your whitening outcomes might be. Nevertheless, only a dentist ought to carry out bleaching with higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (about 35% H2O2) as these gels can hurt the delicate tissue with your mouth and only a dentist is skilled to safeguard your comfortable tissue effectively. Any gel can possibly destruction your gums if utilized improperly so ensure your whitening expert is correctly certified or that you just meticulously stay with guidelines if you’re applying the gel by on your own. Also, the greater concentrated the gel, the increased the probability of encountering tooth sensitivity.

Software: The method of applying the teeth whitening gel on your teeth can assortment from being forced to paint it on by yourself although you happen to be sitting from the chair to getting trays, that could have the gel, personalized fitted for your teeth. Should you be acquiring competent chair-side whitening, be particular to inquire about who applies the gel and the way they’re going to utilize it. Recall, only a dentist can set anything at all inside your mouth or with your teeth.

Style of Mild: You’ll find a few forms of lights; LED, plasma arc, and halogen. On the a few, halogen is described by third-party groundwork to become the best. However, exceptional benefits are actually documented using all a few types of mild. Quite possibly just as major is how effectively the mild reaches the surfaces of the teeth.

Time: Laser bleaching treatment options are commonly offered in deals wherever you obtain a person, two or a few purposes inside the exact same sitting. Each and every therapy lasts somewhere around fifteen minutes. So do not just concern what amount time it can be likely to consider, question what number of programs you are going to acquire throughout your appointment. In case you are making use of one of many household teeth whitening kits, the gel is most likely carbamide peroxide gel. Carbamide peroxide gel needs to break down into hydrogen peroxide to become in a position to bleach your teeth. It will require 15-20 minutes only for it to start out breaking down. That’s why home-whitening will take more time.

Shades Whiter: Your teeth brightening skilled will evaluate your teeth ahead of and following using a teeth bleaching manual. Ideally she or he utilizes possibly the Spectrum or even the R-20 teeth bleaching guidebook since individuals two manufacturers are organized from darker to whiter. It definitely is dependent on your own teeth, however , you can rely on approximately eight shades lighter for laser bleaching and 2-3 shades for residence whitening.

Final results: Just how long your positive aspects will previous is relatively dependent on how nicely you treatment to your teeth right after the bleaching treatment method. Your final results will final more time when you use a follow-up household bleaching process and retain absent from issues like smoking cigarettes or consuming espresso, tea, and wine.

Dental Tourism

Most people are filled with questions and curiosity before undertaking teeth whitening. Let’s clear up some of the main FAQ’s about tooth whitening, both professional whitening and at home whitening.

Why do your teeth darken? There are various reasons.  The majority of darkening is a result of:

  • Aging
  • Smoking stains
  • Soft drink consumption
  • Coffee staining

Tooth stains result in less light to shining through teeth, making them look dull and lifeless.

Does Teeth Whitening Work?

India Dental Tourism

Teeth whitening products certainly can remove harsh staining – that exists on the exterior as well and the interior of your tooth enamel.

Products applied by a dentist or with ‘at home’ whitening kits consist of either one of two products – those containing Peroxide, or those containing bleaching agents.

It is important to note that tooth whitening can only achieved on your natural teeth and not on artificial enhancements.

How Do Whitening Products Actually Work?

When the whitening agent is applied to your teeth, the hydrogen/carbamide peroxide is broken down into oxygen molecules.  These enter the tooth enamel and work to remove the stains within the enamel.

Once the stains are broken down, more light can shine through your teeth which results in the whiter appearance.

Best Teeth Whitening Products

Some people with sensitive teeth are hesitant to undergo dental whitening treatments because they are afraid that it can harm their teeth. On the contrary, teeth whitening are in fact a safe procedure with the proper use of products and with the guidance of a dental professional.

The best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth are those with lower concentration of bleaching agents. Bleaching agents like carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are used in teeth whitening products to whiten the tooth and remove stains. Teeth whitening products have components of bleaching agents ranging from 10% to 35% carbamide peroxide and 3% to 10% hydrogen peroxide.

Most whitening toothpastes contain lesser whitening agents and are by far one of the best teeth whitening products for people with sensitive teeth. Whitening toothpastes have no known side-effects and most people with sensitive teeth who use them are happy with the results and the products’ care for their sensitive teeth. Whitening toothpastes has fluoride, silica, ammonium and calcium which can make their stronger and brighter at the same time.

Tray tooth bleaching can also be one of the best teeth whitening products for people with sensitive teeth. The key to tray tooth bleaching with sensitive teeth is wearing the mouth tray for a shorter period of time rather than the ideal time specified. This will lessen the exposure to bleaching agents but at allows enough time for these bleaching agents to activate and whiten the teeth. Achieving the whitening result may take longer compared to people with normal teeth but the best thing about it is that this practice is safer for sensitive teeth.

When opting for whitening treatment in dental clinics, most dentists would recommend patients with sensitive teeth to use a desensitizing teeth product before treatment. This can greatly help in neutralizing some of the effects of the whitening product on sensitive teeth.

Teeth whitening can be achieved by every individual even the ones with sensitive teeth. Consulting a dentist can help people find the best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth and guide them on how to use the products properly. Even people with sensitive teeth can also have the chance of having that whiter and brighter smile they desire.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Undeniably, everyone wants whiter teeth. It is quite a sad fact that some people are hesitant to go to the dentist and have their whitening needs addressed. They are either embarrassed to show stained and discolored teeth or are uncertain with the financial cost of consulting a dental professional. Today, the advent of home teeth whitening kits have made it possible for everyone to privately achieve the whiter smile they want at the comfort of their own homes.

Home teeth whitening kits products are quite simple to use. They come in easy-to-follow instructions with basic materials. Tray tooth whitening kits for example, come in thin mouth guards which whitening gels are put on and simply lodged over the teeth. For a more professional whitening feel, these home kits now also come with blue laser lights that activate the bleaching agents for faster instant white results. Whitening gels on the other hand come with brushes wherein consumers can effectively target the stained teeth by applying the gel over the stains.

With a lot of variations to choose from, people can choose the system that will work for them. As for whitening strips, what could be easier than just simply placing a gel strip over the teeth? On the other hand, whitening gel pens are simply a paint-on application which is basically like putting on cosmetics. What’s more important is that home teeth whitening kits are becoming easier and easier to apply and very handy to carry anywhere.

One other advantage of at home tooth whitening is that it eliminates the hassle of going to dental clinics. It avoids setting up appointments and sacrificing other commitments for a scheduled dental treatment that can last for hours. With the help of these products, people can choose anytime of the day they can perform the whitening treatment.

Another advantage of using tooth whitening products at home is that the treatment costs lower than in-office treatment. There are also available at home teeth whitening kits that are dispensed by dental professionals themselves. Again, it costs lower than in-office procedures.

Nothing can preclude the expertise of a dentist in teeth whitening. To ensure safety and be guided with home whitening products, it is still best to consult with a dentist. After all, most home teeth whitening kits are clinically proven safe and effective when coupled with dental advice.

Teeth Whitening Info

With the many teeth whitening systems available today treating teeth discoloration has become easier and more convenient. Teeth discoloration is caused by a number of factors including the food we eat, smoking, aging, heredity, medicines and many more. According to statistics, not everybody is satisfied with their shade of their teeth so they opt for treatments and other teeth whitening system to improve their smiles and regain self-confidence.

Back then, treatments for discoloration were only done in dental offices by dentists or dental hygienists. These dental whitening procedures were only availed by people who can afford expensive treatments as professional whitening go for about $400-$800 per session with an additional cost for maintenance and other professional fees. Dental clinics today now offer laser treatment methods that are also exclusively done in clinics. Also, beauty salons and spas offer tooth whitening cosmetics that produces instant whitening results. Today, there are many over-the-counter whitening products readily available for home use.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products come in whitening toothpastes and gels, paint-on whiteners, whitening strips and tray-based whitening kits. Most of them are peroxide-based that allow teeth bleaching for discolored teeth. A tooth bleaching is a method of whitening that lightens the color of the surface of the teeth. Aside from the peroxide component, some products have active chemicals such as ammonia and calcium to remove teeth stains that come from certain daily food and drinks.

Clinical studies and research can vouch for the effectiveness of these dental whiteners. The time they take to produce the desired results may vary as everybody’s teeth have different reactions to the whitening agents. In addition, other factors of variation of the effects are the daily food and drinks that people consume that causes tooth discoloration and staining, medication such as tetracycline which affects the intrinsic color of teeth and the regularity and proper use of the products. With teeth whitening products, people can have a cheaper alternative to dental clinic and salon treatments but at the same time can provide the same whitening effects of in-office treatments.

Consulting with a dentist is still an essential step for people who would want to whiten their teeth using over-the-counter products. Dental professionals can greatly help in evaluating an individual’s dental whitening needs and can help select what products to buy or what to look for in a teeth whitening product.

Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening kits are dental whitening products in a bag. They can be bought over the counter in stores, online or they can be dispensed by dental professionals. These kits come with special dental items and products aimed to whiten the user’s teeth and achieve those whiter teeth similar to the results of an in-office whitening treatment. Teeth whitening kits typically include the following:

The Teeth Tray

Most over-the-counter teeth whitening kits come with a one-size-fits-all teeth tray where the whitening gel is retained. Some manufacturers include a teeth tray mold where individuals can contour their teeth and send them back to the manufacturers so they can make a custom-made teeth tray to snugly fit the individual’s mout. These teeth trays ensure that all the teeth are exposed to the whitening gel and can come in contact with the hard to reach parts of the teeth.

The Teeth Whitening Gel

The teeth whitening gel is the single most important item in teeth whitening kits. They serve as the bleaching agents that will come in contact with the teeth. Teeth whitening gels vary in the amount of bleaching concentration so it is necessary to check on the amount of concentration of the gel. People who want to achieve faster results can go for the ones with 30% carbamide peroxide components while others who prefer a milder bleaching agent can settle for the ones with only 10%. In both cases, whitening can be achieved but they only differ in the duration of use.

The Laser Light

Nowadays, some teeth whitening kits include a nifty blue laser light similar to that being used by dental professionals in their laser teeth whitening procedures. The blue laser light is used to activate the bleaching ingredients faster and is safe to use at home. The blue laser light is placed in an opening in the teeth tray and serves as a catalyst in the bleaching effect of the whitening tooth gel.

The Teeth Shade Guide

The teeth shade guide serves as the guide to monitor the effects of the teeth whitening procedure. It enables the users to compare the shade of their teeth before and after the teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Products

With the many products online and in stores, everybody needs a guide on how to choose the best tooth whitening products out in the market. The truth is almost all whitening products that contain oxidizing and bleaching agents are very effective. The best teeth whitening products out there for everyone would depend on the individual consumer’s whitening needs, convenience and their ability to comply with instructions.

People who are more concerned with effective results normally go for tray teeth whitening kits. They are the most reputable among the different teeth whitening products because of their ability to whiten all the teeth in a short amount of time. These kits come with mouthguards and strong bleaching gels that can whiten hard to reach places in the teeth is what makes these products very popular to those who want whiter teeth.

Not all people prefer tray-based teeth whitening. Some people who go for comfort and convenience prefer other teeth whitening products that are not bulky or requiring them to place mouth trays for 30 minutes. The most popular alternative to at home tray teeth whitening products are the whitening strips. Whitening strips are simply adhesive strips with peroxide-based bleaching agents on one side that are placed over the front teeth. Without the bulky tray, people can conveniently and comfortably wear them while doing practically anything. The results of whitening strips are very pleasing thus attributed to their popularity in the market.

Whitening gels are very fast-acting and also very easy to apply. They also contain a varying amount of bleaching agents that consumers can choose from. They also come in different types of application methods such as brushes and syringes.

Whitening toothpastes are among the teeth whitening products that do not belong to the bleaching category but they can whiten teeth just the same. They generally contain mild abrasives that remove teeth stains and have strengthening ingredients to complement the whitening action.

For a guide in choosing the best teeth whitening product, make it a point to seek the advice of dental professionals. Also, it wise to read product reviews to see how effective the products are to those who already used them.

Best Teeth Whitening System

Clinical researches show that teeth whitening procedures are very effective and safe when used as instructed. Much of the success of tooth whitening depends on the consumers’ ability to follow instructions and their compliance with the directed usage of the product. To achieve the best teeth whitening system results, users can take additional measures to ensure the best whitening results.

Choose the best whitening for your needs

Whether one wants to lighten discolored teeth, get rid of annoying teeth stains or simply to achieve a whiter white, everyone should evaluate their cleaning needs. Would you want a higher bleaching concentrate to achieve faster results? Would you want only mild abrasives that are gentle on teeth? Would you prefer 5-minute a day regimen or a 3 to 5 times a week overnight application? Figuring out what people want in teeth whitening systems is one of the most crucial steps into narrowing down the selection of the best teeth whitening system .

Comply with the directions

Compliance to the regimen is the most important factor in the success of tooth whitening. Carefully following the directions for use and adhering to the required duration of application can help in achieving safer and faster effects.

Clean the teeth before performing any bleaching procedure

Many people consider teeth bleaching as the best tooth whitening procedure. It is important for you to have clean teeth before performing any bleaching process. The spot with foreign residues might make a difference in the whitening effect so it is necessary to brush your teeth first to ensure even bleaching on all surfaces of the teeth.

Follow up on maintenance

Teeth whitening have long lasting effects. For an optimum result, following up maintenance and touch ups are necessary to preserve the whiter teeth that you have achieved. Brushing and flossing regularly can help in safeguarding the results of teeth whitening. Refraining or cutting down on food and drinks that causes staining are also essential in maintaining the effects of the whitening procedure.

Visit a dental professional

Nothing can take away the expertise of a dental professional when it comes to oral care. A dentist can help greatly in maintaining dental health and advice each individual before and after performing teeth whitening procedures.

Other notes:

  • Pregnant or lactating mothers shouldn’t get teeth whitening before consulting their medical practitioner


Brushing and flossing regularly doesn’t always guarantee a bright, picture-perfect smile. Many cosmetic and general dentists offer teeth whitening treatments that help to wipe out stains and bleach the teeth to a natural white or off-white shade. Teeth whitening procedures are now readily available at many cosmetic dental offices, medical spas and even some salons around the United States, but there are some important things you should know about this procedure. Read on to learn how teeth whitening works, and what to expect from your treatment:

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are two main types of teeth whitening treatments available – laser teeth whitening and power bleaching treatments. Both of these procedure take up to 45 minutes to perform, but may require up to two hours in some cases depending on how many teeth are being whitened. The most common types of teeth whitening treatments available include:
  • Brite Smile
  • Zoom! Teeth Whitening
  • Opalescence
  • At-home teeth whitening kits
Some of these treatments offer instant results, while others offer more gradual improvements. Bleaching treatments can also be applied on just a single tooth using a “walking bleach” procedure. The bleach is changed about once per week so that the tooth can resume its natural color.

How Teeth Whitening is Performed

To begin the teeth whitening procedure, the dentist applies a protective material to the gums and lips so that the teeth are completely isolated. This helps manage a more targeted treatment. Hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth to begin the bleaching process, and a high-intensity laser beam is then administered to the teeth to enhance the bleaching process. The teeth are whitened instantly and results can last for several weeks.
Many cosmetic dentists also offer teeth whitening kits that you can use at home. These work primarily to maintain the results of your in-office treatments and can help to progressively improve your smile over the following weeks and months.

Preparing for Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you are having your teeth professionally whitened for the first time, you will need to set up a consultation with your cosmetic dentist or general dentist so that they can review your dental records and make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. Your dentist may take x-rays, complete a brief dental exam and address any large cavities in your teeth that may interfere with the treatment. They can also go over all the pros and cons of the procedure so that you know what you expect.
Teeth whitening procedures are typically not covered by dental insurance plans and costs can range from $150 to $500+ per treatment plan. Some dentists do offer patient financing options and private payment plans so that you can enjoy the benefits of the procedure on any budget. Over-the-counter tooth whitening products such as tooth whitening strips, whitening toothpaste and whitening paint can work in the short-term, but may not offer the same results as a professional treatment.
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