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Crescent Dental Care Orissa


Established in the year 2001, in Cuttack by Dr. Debabrata Das, Crescent Dental Care Hospital (i-Smile) has been a leading facility since its inception. Client care & satisfaction has been given foremost importance. Newer innovative treatment options are always provided for better care & treatment outcome. Cleanliness & Sterilization are always a priority even if it increases waiting time. Ambience & friendly staff make the treatment procedure comfortable. One thing that is always assured is that you always “Leave & Live with a smile”.

Dental Tourism


Dental Tourism


Dental Tourism

In year 2005, i-Smile became the  first center in Orissa to offer in house Dental Implant Treatment option.. Dr. Debabrata Das is the first trained & practicing Dental Implantologist of the state. The center is one of its kind and maintains international standards. Cosmetic Dental Treatment is also available at the center. Since its inception, the center has been providing quality Dental Treatment options using the best of skills and materials available. All materials and equipment used at the center are being imported from Europe, Japan and USA. The center has no branches anywhere in the state or elsewhere.


We at i-Smile believe in our motto “ Integrity, Innovation, Intensity”.


Treatment Options

•             Consultations & Periodic Check-ups

•             Cosmetic Restorations

•             Full Mouth Rehab

•             Scaling, Polishing & Oral Prophylaxis

•             Advanced Root Canal Treatment

•             Crown & Bridge

•             Dental Implants

•             Gum Surgery

•             Teeth Whitening

•             Functional Appliances

•             Oral Surgery

•             Preventive Dentistry

•             Radiographs

•             Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)



Facilities at a Glance


1.            Modern dental hospital with latest equipment

2.            4 Operating Chairs & 2 Day-Care Beds

3.            Fully equipped Operation Theatre

4.            Cardiac & Respiratory Monitoring

5.            Best quality materials used

6.            Strict Sterilization & Dis-infection protocols

7.            Centrally Air-Conditioned

8.            Well Trained staff

9.            Waiting hall with entertainment facilities

10.          Wireless Internet Enabled (Wi-Fi Zone)

11.          Light Central Music

12.          Centrally Located

13.          Computerized Counseling

14.          e-booking of appointments from website

15.          SMS Reminder Services

16.          Emergency Services

17.          Nervous Patient Care

Contact Info

Crescent Dental Care Hospital

1st & 2nd Floors,

Heart Clinic Building, Ranihat

Cuttack, Orissa 753001


ph: +91 (671) 2428832

fax: +91 (671) 2428832

alt: (0) 94373 04666

[email protected]

  • Orrisa, also referred as the "Soul of India" is the Northeastern state of India. Bordered by the azure waters of Bay of Bengal, Orrisa is known for its numerous age-old temples that reflect amazing architectural style. From Sun temple Konark and Jagannath temple, Puri, to placid Chilika Lake and virgin beaches, Orrisa hold a prime position in the tourist map of India. 

Beaches & Lakes



A General Introduction 
Orissa is blessed with around 482 kilometers of coastline and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world
Gopalpur Beach

Hardly 16 k.m from Berhampur, the beach retreat of Southern Orissa, happens to be Gopalpur on the Bay of Bengal.

Puri Beach

For centuries now, the Puri beach has been the venue of countless pilgrims taking the traditional purification dip .

Chandipur Beach

Orissa has a long coastline interspersed by a couple of lovely beaches, Chandipur being one of them.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Close to the famous Sun Temple of Konark, is a lovely and quiet beach – Chandrabhaga.

Lake Chilka

Just south of Puri, the sea mixes in Chilika Lake to create the largest brackish water lake in Asia.


An evening at Kathjodi River Bank in Cuttack



Wildlife / National Parks / Reserves – Sanctuaries


A General Introduction

About one-third of Orissa is covered by forest which boasts of 18 sanctuaries including 2 national parks.
Bhitarkanika National Park 

Bounded by rivers and the sea, Bhitarkanika is criss- crossed by numerous creeks & canals.

Chandaka Sanctuary

Nestled on Khurdha uplands of' North -Eastern Ghats' biotic region, Chandaka forest is a relic of wild land . 

Nalabana (Chilika) Sanctuary

Just south of Puri, the sea mix to the 1100 inland Chilika Lake to create the largest brackish water lake in Asia

Simlipal Tiger Reserve

The silence of Simlipal is occasionally broken by the chirping of the birds to an avian delight. 

Nandan Kanan Sanctuary

Nandan Kanan means "garden of pleasure", and this combination of zoo, botanical garden and sanctuary.

Satakosia (Tikarapara) Sanctuary

A small village in the bosom of nature, Tikarpada is strategically situated by the side of "Satakosia Gorge"





'A historically enriched Canvas of unique cultural charm'

Art and Crafts of Orissa

Once known as Utkala, which means the land of excellence in art, Orissa is a treasure trove of exquisite handicraft and traditional art forms, a rich legacy of an ancient culture. Evolved slowly and gradually through disciplined efforts of generations, Orissan Hanicrafts have retained their seasoned traditional values along with the freshness and charm of their own. Beauty and utility combine in them. Dedicated labour of the artisans scattered all over the state has made Orissa a fabulous market of souvenirs and mementoes. Varieties are many—stone work, silver filigree, wood craft, appliqué work, brass and bell metal work, dhokra castings, horn work, pata paintings, papier mache, terracotta, tie & dye textile in cotton,tassar and silk and a lot more. Stemming from centuries of excusite craftsmanship, they are a colourful testimony to the integral life force of the people.

Legends lace Orissa. Temples dot her landscape. On her street Gods walk among men. Famous for the beauty and craftsmanship of Konark, Jagannath, Lingaraj and innumerable other temples, Orissa offers a striking selection of decorative and utilitarian arts and crafts. Visual manifestions of a millennium of Orissan Culture, these arts and crafts embody and reflect a tradition which still lives in the creative imagination and skill of her craftsmen. 

A collecter’s delight

Look at any handicraft of Orissa. The appliqué works of Pipili or Pattachitras and Papier Mache masks of Puri; silver filigree jewellery and golden grass mats of Cuttack or ‘Kataki’ and Ikkat saree of Cuttack and Sambalpur or Dhokra and clay toys of Mayurbhanj and Barapali and Lacquer work of Nawangapur or Horn work of Parlakhemundi or the flexible brass fish of Ganjam. Each handicraft exudes a charm and originality of its own and pristine beauty that remained untouched by time. The beauty and charm of Orissi handicraft mirrors a heritage in its past and present flowing into eternity.

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