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India Dental Tourism

India Dental Tourism


A hotspot for dental tourism in Asia, India offers dental treatments of the highest standards, with top technology and modern facilities. The country is home to many international dental clinics, most of which have served tourists from the US, the UK and other European countries for more than 20 years.

India is already famed for its yoga and meditation, and now it is catering to tourists’ smiles, having recently become a hub of dental care. The most famous area for dental tourism is the Doaba region, which has attracted a large number of patients to its private dental clinics.

The most common and sought after dental treatments include root canals, veneers, fillings, crowns, dental bridges, dental implants and tooth whitening, all of which cost much less in India than they do in the US and the UK. UK patients may have to wait for cosmetic dentistry to be done under their National Health Service, with many patients choosing a trip abroad for a quick-fix smile.

Because of its high standards and cost-effective prices, India is an attractive dental tourism destination. Patients pay less than they would do in Europe, even when they include the airfare and dentist expenses. For example, dental implants cost about US$900 in India while the same procedure costs US$3,500 in the US. A filling would cost about US$300 in the US but you only have to pay about US$20 in India.

Many dental tour operators have a wide range of packages from which travelers can choose what kind of dental treatment they would like along with excursions to some of India’s famous tourist sights.

dental Tourism is a concept or practice of travelling across international borders to obtain health care- be it a dental, dental or a cosmetic treatment. In the 21st century this fast growing phenomenon of dental vacations is fast changing the conventional concept of health care.

Today the perfect way to recover from an ailment is to combine quality treatment with a great vacation. The idea is that getting away from the daily routines into a different surrounding, close to nature helps you relax better.

With the health care costs skyrocketing in the developed countries, dental treatment has become a costly affair. Patients in these developed nations are increasingly looking for treatment options in countries like India, which offer similar or even better dental services at rates that are much more affordable.

And when these cheaper quality alternatives of treatment are combined with an inexpensive vacation package, it becomes an ideal healing experience. It’s a perfect way to renew your mind, body and soul.

Another reason that has led to the growth of dental tours is the long delay and waiting period for certain dental treatments in some countries. While in US you might have a waiting period of several months for certain surgical operations, in India it is done in a few weeks. People prefer to travel to India for such treatments, than wait for years in their home country and bear the inconvenience.

Moreover the ease and affordability of international travel, rapidly improving technology and high standards of dental care has all contributed their share in increasing the popularity of dental tourism in India.

This process of Healthcare tourism in India is being facilitated by the corporate sector in the medicine industry along with the tourism industry in the public and private sector. There are several dental tourism packages in India that promise you a world-class treatment along with an exotic holiday experience. They help you get the perfect mix of health, wellness, relaxation and fun.

India has some of the best healthcare professionals, and best treatment options available; and this fact is now known world over. Millions of people travel across the globe and come to India every year to get treatments and enjoy their holidays. And when it comes to dental treatments in particular, there is no better choice than Dental Tourism India. Dental Tourism India  Clinics with their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff promises you a world class treatment.

So next time you suffer from an ailment think about getting treatment and recovering in India while enjoying its scenic beauty and learning about the culture of this country.


India Dental Tourism


There are several health care packages available through dental tourism companies of India, who can arrange for attractive tour packages from anywhere in the world to India. A dental travel agency in India can handle your problem, fix up the required treatment in India and then fit in a sightseeing tour for you. Sometimes these dental tourist companies make arrangements for recuperation holidays for patients, so that the holiday can help them to revive their energy after a surgery for example.

You can choose the health care package that fits your budget. The dental tourism packages are especially attractive because of the price that you pay in comparison to the prices in Europe and America. A complete healthcare package in India would include all help related to your dental and travel needs. The dental tourism operators in India have specialized in this branch and can provide you with whatever information you need. They help you to organize the dental treatment, the travel, hotels and then add a holiday with it.

Dental treatment in India is also offered as a part of dental tourism in India where you can get total dental solution and care along with a planned holiday of your choice. Dental care treatment is generally not reimbursed by the National Health Schemes in many countries and hence often not affordable for many average citizens. In America dentistry is an exuberant industry with expert, highly qualified dentists, but frightfully expensive. India offers the same quality of dental care dental treatments and you can receive services connected to dentistry like dental implants, tooth whitening procedures, therapeutic laser treatment and root canal treatment at a price that you can afford. The low cost is mainly because of the low labor cost in India. The staff and doctors who give patients quality treatment are at par with international standard of dentists.

Dental Tourism India  is a group of the dental centers offering quality treatments as it caters to many dental care dental solutions. So you can come to this center to have your tooth fixed and also make your holidays excellent at the same time.

Every kind of modern dental treatment facility is available at Dental Tourism India  for example cosmetic and restorative dentistry, crown and bridge for fixed replacement of broken and missing teeth, root canal treatment or dental implants. Dental surgical procedures are done by specialists like oral and facial surgeons. You can therefore take any treatment that you require from here and combine it with a memorable holiday of the sightseeing spots of India.

 India Dental Tourism

India Dental Tourism Packages


Dental treatment in India is not expensive when you compare it with cost of treatments in western countries. Many people come every year from the USA and Europe for dental treatment to India and then visit tourist places after it. This is a new form of tourism which has developed in which the dental treatments are clubbed with tours, and several dental travel agencies provide specialized services in this regard.

In India the dental clinics have equipment which can match the best of international standards and the doctors are well trained and experienced. The dental tour operators in India have a tie up with highly qualified dentists. So if you are planning to have some dental treatment done in India, you can get in touch with the specific doctor through the travel agent. Once that is fixed, the travel agent arranges a nice package tour and you can visit some of the interesting cities of India.

Dental tourism in India includes both general and specialized treatments. Some dental tour packages provide a custom-made treatment plan that fits into a travel itinerary as well. This plan is generally chalked out keeping every patient’s needs in mind. Hence it includes tooth extraction, fitting braces, treatment of gums, complete denture and bleaching, just to name a few.

For dental tourism there are several cities in India where the dental tourism operators in India function. There are clinics in Chandigarh, in Chennai and of course in the capital, in New Delhi. All of them offer trained dental experts, latest dentaltechnology and world class facilities. Attached to these clinics the dental tour operator will offer you special travel packages specially designed for international patients



India Dental Tourism  Get Huge 70%+ Savings and a Free Holiday


Dentistry costs are expensive in the US and Europe, but dental treatments can be done at a

fraction of the cost in India.


Dental treatment in India is therefore an attractive proposition. Patients can travel to India

have their treatments done and then enjoy a free holiday and maybe even have funds left over.


India Dental Tourism


Dental tourism has emerged due to lower international travel costs than ever before and the

fact that dental treatment is so expensive in many countries.


Unlike other dental tourism treatments such as heart surgery, recovery from the dentist is quick,

which means patients can enjoy their holiday to the full.


Patients now having dental treatments carried out in India are increasing due to high quality

service and low prices.


Lower costs


Dentists can charge up to $400 for a Dental Filling in USA & Europe.

It costs only $20 in India.

Root Canal treatment costs around $3,000 in the West but only $100 to $200 in India,

here are some more sample approximate costs:


Ceramic Veneers (1) $160

Dental Bleaching (Both Arches) $200

Dental implants (1) $800

Bridge / crown porcelain $400


World class treatment


Dental treatment in India however does not mean lower quality and treatments compare with any

in the world and are world class.


One reason why dental treatments in India have become so popular is the fact that many Indian

dentists practice in the West.


This builds confidence for patients thinking of taking dental tourism packages to India,

as they know the professionalism and expertise already, but also see the advantages of travelling

to India for the substantial reductions in cost.


Western dentists simply cannot compete


The reason India is able to offer such competitive prices is due to the fact that infrastructure

costs area a fraction of what they are in the West, as Indian dentists simply have a lower overhead

which is passed on as a cost saving to patients.


All areas covered


Dental treatment in India can offer you all dental treatments you require. If you are looking for

cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry India can provide for your needs at vast cost savings.


Free holiday


You also get the chance to spend time in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and can

enjoy such sites as the mighty Himalayas and Taj Mahal, or Relax on the beaches of Goa. You can

also enjoy world class fishing, trekking, white water rafting and much more. India has something

for everyone.


Arranging your trip is easy


There are a number of specialist companies who will arrange all dental treatments travel and your

holiday making it a simple and easy to arrange your treatment, travel and holiday all in one package,

at fantastic savings.  Source: Medicine news and tips


Tooth, Tourism And Trade – Destination India


Speaking on the subject of Tooth, Tourism and Trade- Destination India, Dr Ajay Kakar and

Dr A Kumarswamy said dental tourism has got a boost with dental treatment having comparable expertise,

high technology and high value for treatment costs. Dental tourism in the country got a boost due to

factors like Indians with foreign postings, NRI’s and foreign nationals of Indian origin,

foreign nationals working in India, casual tourists, dental tourists coming to India for treatment. For a population of one billion, there are currently over 60,000 dentists with 15,000

dentists in metros and 5,000 dental specialists, which include orthodontists, peridontists, endodontists,

prosthodontists, dental surgeons and pedodontists.


All these factors make your India Dental Tourism a great and memorable experience. Contact us for various India Dental Tourism packages. 

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