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Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening


Sometimes you may wonder how one of your colleague who had an uglyyellow teeth suddenly showed up with a sparkling white teeth in your office. Many a times you may also have wondered how celebrities are always having luminous white teeth even in their old age. The secret behind this is laser teeth whitening method.

After reading this article you will know everything about laser teeth whitening. This article features real life videos and images for your better understanding.

laser teeth whitening 300x144 Laser Teeth Whitening

So, let’s keep it simple. If you do not have patience and time to wait for months together to whiten your teeth or you do not want any hassle by taking up home based teeth whitening courses, you are certainly looking for a fast and effective method. Then you are absolutely ready to go for laser teeth whitening. You may also want to look at various other teeth whitening methods available.

As per Tooth Whitening / Bleaching report by American Dental Association (ADA) laser teeth whitening falls under the category of professional or in-office Teeth whitening method. Yes, this method should be done strictly under the supervision of certified dentist.

Why Laser Teeth Whitening?

  • You do not have time to wait.
  • You may probably want to show up in a meeting or function with nice white teeth.
  • You do not want to risk yourself by DIY methods.
  • When you have money to spend on your teeth. Cost involved is anywhere between $400 and $1000. (Remember laser teeth whitening cost falls under cosmetics and usually not covered under insurance.)

Result of Laser Teeth Whitening

Before getting started why not see the effectiveness of this method by yourself?

teeth whitening before and after 300x243 Laser Teeth Whitening

Step by Step methods involved in Laser Teeth Whitening:

Before sitting in dental hospital it is better to know and understand what are the essential steps involved in this process. Otherwise you might have to sit with a flat mind leaving the destiny of your tooth to the dentist!

Here are the most common steps involved in laser teeth whitening process.

1) Measuring the level of stain

Dentists’ usually has variety of porcelain tabs with them. They try to match the tab that is having a similar color of the stained teeth. This is for the dentist to show the customer how effective was the laser tooth whitening process.

porcelain teeth tabs Laser Teeth Whitening

2) Cleaning and Polishing

Teeth must be clean and polished for the dentist to start this process. Usually a simple cleaning and polishing is done. Cleaning is done to ensure that there is no dirt or stain is retained on the teeth during the teeth whitening process. Later polishing is done with chemicals powders to ensure that the surface of tooth is stainless and ready to whiten.

3) Teeth Isolation

Tooth that is supposed to be whitened is isolated from other teeth. Other internal parts like gums, lips, tongue are also isolated. Sometimes an isolation gel is also applied on the gums to prevent direct exposure with whitening gel. There are various types of settings based on the location of the tooth that needs to be whitened. Here are few real world snaps from where you can see the type of settings. This may vary from dentist to dentist.

teeth isolation Laser Teeth Whitening

4) Application of Whitening Gel:

Whitening gel is the sole teeth whitener used in this process. There are various manufacturers that a dentist may use. All whiteners will have the popular tooth whitening agent – Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or carbamide peroxide (CH6N2O3) as key ingredients. Both these compounds are oxidizers that cause the whitening effect on the teeth.

5) Whitener activation:

The applied gel need to be activated by laser light. Laser helps the whitener to act on the teeth faster and produce the whitening effect soon. You don’t have to be worried. The laser that is being used in this process is completely human friendly.

6) Repeat process 4 and 5:

Usually depending on the level of impact needed on the teeth, activated whitening gel will be removed (by sucking) and re-applied. This process will be repeated three to five times with an interval of 5 minutes between each session. The total time of laser teeth whitening process would be60 to 90 minutes.

7) Removal of Gel and cleaning:

The gel is allowed to stay on the teeth for quite some time.

Once the process is completed, gel and isolator are removed. Tooth is completely cleaned and wiped for any gel. By this time you should have got the confidence that teeth color has been whitened!

8] Post-whitening shade:

After laser teeth whitening is done, the dentist once again uses porcelain tab to compare the whitened teeth with that of the initial condition. This helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the process.

Now that you have learnt about teeth whitening process, let’s see some real life video on how this is done in a dentist premises.

Laser Whitening in Action:

Video 1

Video 2

Laser Teeth Whitening – FAQs’

Let me end this article by addressing few frequently asked questions on laser teeth whitening.

1) Is laser teeth whitening painful?

No. Not at all. If the process is done perfectly there should be no pain.

2) Do laser teeth whitening cause any side effects?

Whitening agent / gel can create little sensitivity for a day or two. Other than this, there is no possible high impact side effect.

3) How many sittings should I prefer for my treatment?

Typically laser teeth whitening is done in one sitting. Unless and until the level of stain is too high, a dentist will not suggest for more than one sitting.

4) I have a tooth that is partially decayed. Can I undergo whitening?

No. It is preferred to undergo treatment for the decay and then go ahead with whitening.

5) What type of whitening gel is best for me?

We recommend you not to worry about this. Your dentist would be the best person and he knows what is best in the market at any time frame. However some widely used teeth whitening agents are Zoom, BriteSmile, LaserSmile etc.,

6) What is the price of laser teeth whitening?

As mentioned earlier the price usually varies from $400 to $1000

7) Can I do laser teeth whitening at home?

Please do not try this. Laser method is intended to do under dentist supervision.

8] What if I accidentally swallow teeth whitening gel?

Out advice is to be careful when dealing with the gel. Never try to swallow. This gel has compound of chemicals that s supposed to remove stains. If gels are swallowed they can cause vomiting and other stomach problems. In this case you should get in touch with a doctor and act as per his guideline. When meeting a doctor do not forget to take the gel packet with you. This will help the doctor to diagnose you easily.

9) What if teeth whitening gel falls on my skin?

Wipe with a clean cloth or tissue and wash with soap and water. It is not supposed to cause any problem. However if there is any irritations caused consult a doctor. On the other hand if the gel falls on critical organs such as eyes wash with pure water and meet a doctor immediately.

10) How long teeth whitening result last?

It is based on your life style and the amount of time you devote for your teeth. But ideally this should hold good for at least 5 years. We advise you to follow best practices like not taking high amount of coffee, red wine, alcohol etc.