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India The Hotspot


India has always been an interesting and at the same time fascinating tourist spot for people from all over the world. However, recently India has earned a new title for itself, that of the best hotspot for medical and dental health tourism.

The industry has gone very rapidly from a profit of US$310 million/ year up to US$2 billion, which makes a huge difference. The dental medical treatments are in this country cheap but of extremely high quality.

The greatest majority of tourists who come to India arrive for dental procedures, or cosmetic dentistry services (which are most of the times not covered by their insurance policy in their country).

There is quite a low percentage of the American citizens who own a proper dental insurance. Even if they have it, several dental procedures are not covered by the policy.

So what hey do is go to India and get cheap and quality dental treatments. Just to give you a simple example to see the difference, in the US one will pay approximately $530 for a root canal treatment, while for the same service in India one will pay as little as $155.

There are also many highly advantageous dental tourism packages offered by the major companies across India. Here are the procedures and services that are usually present in these packages:

  • Professional teeth whitening, dental implants and metal free bridges
  • Professional tooth cleaning, root canal treatment, porcelain crowns, fillings, or “smile” designing
  • Gum treatments, maxillary surgery (which is an extremely expensive service in the US!), tooth reshaping and contouring, or even fluoride treatments for children.

All these services are of extremely high quality and dentistry offices use the latest technology and tools for examination and treatments. Cosmetic dentistry services include dental veneers, dental bonding, cosmetic contouring or gum contouring (in order to straighten the gum lines), or gum re-pigmentation (adding color to the gums for those who have discolored gums).

These packages, besides including all the dental treatments that you need, most often also include vacationing options (cultural tours, trips to majestic spots around the country, etc.).


In many well off countries of Europe and all across the US,dental health treatments are quite costly.

This is the reason why more and more people choose to take up dental tourism as their best and most advantageous option, and start looking for countries that offer very low cost dental treatments.

Such a country is India, which continuously attracts dental tourists from all parts of the world.

According to recent statistics, in the US only 50% of the citizens have proper dental insurance.

Many of them have certain medical treatments covered by insurance, but dental coverage is many times excluded.

Therefore, they start to travel abroad for cheap oral health care treatments.

Here are some important numbers, so that you can make your comparisons:

  • In both the US and in some European countries, a patient might have to pay even an astronomical $300 or $400 for dental fillings. If one chooses Mumbai or Delhi, for the same treatment dentists require between $20 and $40.
  • For a root canal treatment in US one would have to pay around $1,300. In India, one would be charged with only $200 to $250 maximum.
  • For dentures, in the US and some European countries, one has to pay up to or even more than $1,000. In Mumbai and Delhi, dentures cost $300.
  • For dental implants, a US citizen has to pay $3,000. In India, one has to pay $1,100 (ceramic prosthesis included!).

These are enough reasons that make a good proof for why India is becoming a dental health paradise for US and European residents alike.