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Myths and misconceptions about root canal treatment

Myths and misconceptions

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9 fallacies about root canal treatment that have somehow become accepted as fact.

The general population, as a whole, seems to harbor a number of false impressions about root canal treatment that collectively seem to have taken on a life of their own.

We've picked out nine of these myths and provide explanations for them, in hopes of enlightening our readers about how ill conceived and incorrect they are.

The problem with the persistence of these myths is that buying into them may cause a person to decide against, or delay, having root canal treatment. A decision that very likely is not in their best interest. 

Common myths and misconceptions about root canal treatment:

  • Myth: Root canalled teeth are eventually lost anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth. Expertly treated teeth can last indefinitely, and retreated if need be. Overall, opting for root canal treatment can prove to be a very lasting, cost-effective choice. 
  • Myth: If a tooth doesn't hurt, it doesn't need root canal treatment. An interesting aspect of endodontic therapy is that some teeth that need it have never been painful at all. We give some examples of how dentists identify these teeth. 
  • Myth: Pulling a tooth is a better option than having root canal treatment. To some, this may seem a simple and cost-effective alternative. However, from both a dental health and financial standpoint, an extraction can make a very poor choice. 
  • Myth: Dental crowns cause teeth to need root canal treatment. There is a relationship between teeth with dental crowns and the possibility of needing root canal treatment. However, it may not be as straight forward as you might have thought. 
  • Myth: Having root canal treatment is painful.Without question, some people do suffer from those conditions that have caused the need for their tooth's root canal therapy. But as far as the procedure itself goes, there should be little if any discomfort involved. 
  • Myth: Pregnant women cannot have root canal treatment. For the most part, this simply is not the case. However, there are several treatment issues that need to be taken into consideration when planning their treatment. 
  • Myth: Root canal treatment removes a tooth's roots. This myth simply doesn't make any sense. We can't even imagine how this misconception got started. 
  • Myth: Once a tooth's root canal treatment has been completed, all of the tooth's work has been completed. It's very important for a person to understand why this statement is false. All root canalled teeth will need some type of permanent restoration placed after their therapy has been completed. Placing an appropriate restoration is a vital part of insuring the longevity of the work that's been done. 
  • Myth: Root canal treatment requires a lot of appointments. This is simply a reflection of how things were in the past. Times have changed and things are different now. Appointments are shorter, and some cases can be completed in a single visit.



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