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Combating Dry Mouth

dentist suppliesDry mouth can be very uncomfortable and lead to poor oral hygiene. Dry mouth, known as xerostomia, results from a decrease in saliva production. It can be either a temporary or a chronic problem caused by various factors such as medication, medical conditions, or emotional stress/anxiety. Besides having a dry feeling in the mouth, you can also experience saliva that feels thick, a rough tongue, sore throat, bad breath, difficulty swallowing, and a burning sensation in the mouth.

As you can see, this is not a problem that can be easily ignored. With an examination from your dentist, you can learn what’s causing the dry mouth and how to treat it with the proper dental hygiene products. Possible solutions your dentist may offer include sugar-free gum, specially formulated oral rinses, oral moisturizers, and prescription medications to increase the saliva production. If you don’t get it treated, the lack of saliva can cause the mouth’s soft tissues to become inflamed which can then lead to infection. Teeth can also become more susceptible to tooth decay because saliva washes away food debris.

The ADA also recommends that you avoid tobacco and limit drinking carbonated beverages, alcohol, and caffeine. Don’t prolong your appointment and find out what dental hygiene products you need.

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