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Dentures Or Dental Implants – Which One Is Best For Enhancing Esthetics

"Dentures Or Dental Implants – Which One Is Best For Enhancing Esthetics"

When it comes to enhance the esthetics of smile that get damaged due to one or more missing teeth problem, people rush to cosmetic surgeons seeking for suitable solution. Most of the dentists either go for dental implants or dentures placement to help patients overcome the missing teeth problem permanently and get back an esthetic appeal in their smile.

Both the dentures and dental implants work as reliable alternatives to missing teeth problem. They not only help restore the lost teeth but also retain the strength and vitality of the replaced teeth. However, there are several things that certainly make dental implants a good choice than dentures for cosmetic treatment.

The very first thing is that dental implants look more natural which do lack in different type of dentures. The dentures look somehow artificial and in several cases a full set of dentures is so prominent that a person can’t hide them from public. However, the dental implants are a bit realistic in their look and won’t be immediately discernible to the people present around the user.

In dental implants, the prosthetic crowns supported by implants are permanently fixed into the place of missing teeth to give people more confidence and comfort at the time of speaking, chewing and smiling. Since the dentures need specific kind of wafer materials or paste to get fixed, the comfort factor is simply missing in it. Again, the use of wafer materials is difficult which a person needs to follow perfectly otherwise removable dentures might make the user to face embarrassment caused due to slippage at the time of talking or chewing.

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