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Dental Tourism In India


Sink your teeth into Dental  tourism.

NOT SO long ago, the thought of having an operation or a dental procedure in a foreign country would have sent a piercing screech, not unlike that of the dentist's drill, running through your nerves. Not the case now.

Global medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar-a-year business, growing at about 15% annually.

The industry even has its own guide books now Co Patients Beyond Borders Co offering well-researched guides to affordable world-class medical treatments.

I've only experienced treatment in India, and even then, the treatment was not upon my own body. It was my husband's. But I shared his experience vicariously.

That vicarious medical experience began with a series of pleasant email exchanges with the dental department in the Bangkok Hospital inPhuket.

Confidence and trust were built up during email conversations about bridges and crowns and before we even boarded the plane for India we felt relaxed about it all. We were even more relaxed when we were picked up at our hotel by one of the hospital's drivers in an air-conditioned limo.

At the hospital, with no waiting, it was all about care and professionalism. Blood pressure was taken before there was any thought of providing treatment.

Then it was off to la la land for my husband with nice gum numbingdrugs, and within what seemed like a reasonably short time, bridges and crowns had all been put in place and we were driven back to our resort, free of pain in the mouth as well as in the wallet.

For the first time in his life, a visit to the dentist for my husband was…well, if not an enjoyable experience…at least stress-free.

It convinced me this was the way to go when I was ready for a brand new smile Co which will be next year when I receive a set of porcelain crowns for a fraction of the cost I would pay here.

Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines all offer medical treatments in state-of-the-art hospitals but India would be my choice, simplybecause I'd like a holiday there afterwards.

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