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Delhi Smiles, New Delhi

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Dr Ankur Rustagi & Dr Akansha Rustagi   are the brains behind DELHI SMILES DENTALSPECIALITY CENTER.Dr Ankur Rustagi has pursued his Masters in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery from All India Institute of Medical Sciences,NewDelhi.Dr Rastogi has specialized skills to handle patients with Complex Facial Trauma,Tumours and aesthetic facial surgeries,He has an established and technologically advanced practise along with a special interest in management of Jaw Joint Disorders including joint pains & clicking . He also provides a comprehensive service to all clients, from expert advice on your needs, to a range of advanced procedures to suit various needs.In addition to this he has developed proficiency in simple & complex Dental Implant management including bone grafts.

 Dr Akansha Rustagi has done her Masters in Endodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry from prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Dr Akansha practices a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry with expertise ranging from porcelain veneers to dental implants, Root Canals & crowns, bridges etc.She propagated the concept of Regenerative Endodontics,to avoid Root Canal Treatments thereby preserving the natural form.Her Cosmetic & Smile Designing skills and procedures  are sure to reinstate your lost confidence.

Also associated with the center are Dr Neelu Arora ,who is a Prosthodontist and Dr Priyanka S Kumar who is an Orthodontist.


1. Great Ambience  World Class Service

2. ISO 9001:2008 certified Dental Center

3. Best faculty : ALL Post Graduates (AIIMS)  

4. OPG xray machine from Schick (USA) – Only installation in India  

5. Adec-300 Dental operatory(USA) -Only installation in New Delhi  

6.Centrally Located – Easy accessibility from all important landmarks.

7. All sterilization equipment from Melag (Germany).

8.One of very few Dental Clinics in the World practicing "Green Dentistry" Concept.

9. Strict Infection Control Policy. 

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·  Cosmetic Dentistry

·  Prosthetic Dentistry

·  Gum Treatments

·  Painless Root Canal Treatments

·  Dental and Facial Surgeries

·  Orthodontics

·  Laser Dentistry

·  Lil' Smiles ·  Sedation Dentistry ·  Preventive Dentistry

·  Fresh breath clinics

·  Bridal Smile makeovers

·  Teeth Whitening


·  Dental Implants



4.00 PM TO 9.00 PM


11.00 AM TO 4.00 PM



Delhi Smiles Dental Speciality Center,

Near Preet Vihar Metro Station,

59, Defence Enclave,

Vikas marg,

New Delhi, Delhi 110092

098 10350159 





Travel to New Delhi is certainly an adventure, and that is the capital of the Indian Republic was transformed over time in the independent cities of this region. No doubt all the tourists will be interested to know that this city was born as a concise planning, however, thanks to the English rulers moved the capital in 1911 to the city from Calcutta, built in a completely urban area.

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Its climate is typical of Southeast Asia, even if it might be characterized as being somewhat drier, with a wet season in summer and another dry season. Rains are rare and usually there is enough sun, so visitors should keep up to date before traveling to this location, it draws attraction and entertainment from the first minute they stepped on land in New Delhi.

One of the things I really like the tourists are some of the grand celebrations that take place, such as Republic Day and the birthday of Gandhi, also known as “Gandhi Jayanti”. In general we could say that quite enjoys the holidays and celebrations in this metropolis, which is why we understand that the nights and days will never go unnoticed for those seeking fresh air and entertainment that allows you to forget the dreary old customs of the place they came from.

However, we must recognize that the vast majority of tourists who venture to try this capital of India, they do simply by the number of attractions that are there, so we wanted to list a small list of at least 10 attractions that seem not to be missed for the first time adventurers are coming from New Delhi.

1. Rashtrapati Bhavan and Rajpath: This is perhaps one of the most beautiful monuments to those who could go on our visit to New Delhi, and is running between buildings of the Secretariat of State and the Gateway of India, where the design of this building corresponds to a formal type that decorates a tree lined avenue, fountains and a large swimming pool. This work of art is surely the sign of colonial power and Rashtrapati Bhavan is an incredible palace, which they say should be much greater than that of Versailles. It was built as the residence of the viceroy and current residence of the President of India.

2. National Museum: We have to make a stop on this occasion, as indeed is quite likely that during our visit we wanted to visit a museum, although very careful what we think and not just any museum, but one that has Parts of more than 5000 years old, highlighting the sites of excavations of ancient works such as statues of the empire Maryan, for example, Gupta terracottas, among others.

3. Chandni Chowk: All the areas that comprise the Old Delhi are here place to which we refer, it gives us a colorful and majestic city life. In this way the shops and stalls give a very wide number of products that begin with fish, poultry and finish including second hand items such as gold, garlands, turbans, among other things as spare parts for car. The market itself could be understood by many as anyone else in the world, but the fact is that an integral part of the idiosyncrasies of New Delhi, and that is why we recommend you visit in any way before taking the return to our place of origin.

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4. Red Fort or Lal Quila: This is as the name says it has a strong and great walls that partly belongs to the remnants of the history of what was once the Old Delhi. Here we can find all individually decorated seventeenth century, where it builds nothing less than the residence of the emperor, his family and courtiers. The design and proportion of these buildings, plus the delicate decoration that boast, is not only beautiful to the sight of any, but also distinguishes itself by having a military court rather obvious. One of the things that is striking to visitors is the “Gate of Lahore” precisely the eastern part of the fort, which represents a peculiar symbol of struggle for independence, still considered today to the days of a sanctuary for this Republic.
5. Jama Masjid: This is nothing less than a mosque that is positioned as the biggest in India, focusing also a number of details that position themselves as a true masterpiece, own the famed Mughal architectural builder, Shah Jehan. It is characterized by an extremely large patio, have three doors, these with a design where they suggest evidently large arches, domes and places where you can breathe and appreciate peace and quiet.

6. Qutb Minar: This huge tower which was built at the end of the twelfth century, celebrated the Muslim conquest of this region, with an imposing height of 238 feet, can be seen at the base of a red building is decorated with calligraphy verses evoking the Koran. As a decorative detail, anyone can see how the first few levels are perfectly adorned by a white marble, so the minaret rises above the site to more traditional Islamic monuments from all over India, making it one of the attractions that we will definitely have to visit as it has a value beyond the aesthetic, historic one found at the side of Quwwat-ul-Islam – which is nothing less than the first mosque built in India.

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7. Humayun Tomb: This is one of the most perfect examples of Mongol architecture, which is in complete conjunction with the dome, mausoleum and very careful about details for the perfect proportions. Included in a Persian-style garden square, and geometry are shadows everywhere, along with a series of canals and paths that cross each other, and this makes it much nicer time to visit this place so important in India. If you have visited the complex, then we can not fail to appreciate other monuments like the tomb of Isa Khan, it is simply breathtaking.
8. Lotus Temple: This temple is rather a compound used by tourists, and compares the same reason enough to call Sydney Opera House. We are facing a beautiful white petals oversized marble, which opened just nine swimming pools and bridges in the form of lotus, as if trying to symbolize different spiritual paths to faith. To get here we will cross a beautiful landscaped garden, find a central hall in reaching a height of 30 m without visible supports, we must remember that visitors must remove their shoes before entering the premises.
9. Purana Qila: The center of the fort of Delhi was in the sixteenth century right here in Purana Qila, where it is said there is an old site Indraprashta. Obviously with the passage of time and weather problems have left many buildings, but those who have survived to represent as true bulwarks Kunhar Qila-i-Masjid, who was built by Sher Shah in 1541 and Hindu architecture combines other perfectly. As I said, there are certain buildings that have been marred by the passing years and the natural problems, so we can speak of a reconstructed North Gate known as Talaqi-Darwaza, which allows all the tourists get a little idea of the past of one of the most important fortifications in India. This town is in the midst of reconstruction, as well as visiting the museum we can see that is precisely in the south gate.

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10. Tughlaqabad: These fortifications is a perfect example of the military spirit of the time, showing the Sultans of Delhi as a small construction of mosques and palaces, wishing to show the real way to build an imposing building. In the fourteenth century this city was the capital of the Sultanate, however currently only animals you can see inside, as well as some archaeologists trying to find perfect details of what happened there. Inside the tomb is prohibited Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq, nothing less than the manufacturer of this city

In short, we have shown accurately 10 of which are many attractions to be found in New Delhi, so we invite all tourists to visit this town, because they will not regret in any way.

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