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Dental Tourism India

Radiation Worries

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Radiation Worries for Children in Dentists’ Chairs An image from a cone-beam CT scanner used by dentists. Because children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to radiation, doctors three years ago mounted a national campaign to protect them by reducing diagnostic radiation to only those levels seen as absolutely necessary. It is a message that has resonated in many clinics and hospitals .

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Teething problems in Babies

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Melissa, an avid photographer, did an excellent job of documenting her son’s teething experience. Her son Logan is now four years old and has all of his baby teeth

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10 Indian customs to know before visiting India

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Lajpat Nagar by Wili_hybrid First, please dump the clichés. FOR AGES, INDIA has been viewed as a symbol of the mystical and exotic East. Dismissing India as a cliche runs the serious risk of placing India in a timeless zone outside of the real world, which is increasingly modern and complex.

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The Dentist of Years Gone By

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Imagine living in a remote village 300 years ago.  After suffering with a toothache for weeks, you see an advertisement about a traveling dentist who will be performing in the village square next weekend.

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Layman’s Guide to Dental Treatments

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Layman’s Guide to Dental Treatments Information and opinion given here are provided in good faith for educational purposes only. For a specific professional diagnosis and recommended treatment, please our dental surgeon. Introduction There goes a saying that politicians hate dentists because they will have to keep their mouth open and don’t talk.

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Dental plaque identification at home

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The teeth are vital in assuring that an individual can eat a proper diet and a variety of foods to remain healthy. Good oral hygiene prevents many of the dental and oral disorders that need to be prevented in order to have healthy teeth and mouth. The home dental plaque identification test identifies plaque, a sticky substance that collects around and between teeth

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Development of permanent teeth

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  Development of permanent teeth Both baby and permanent teeth have fairly well-defined times of eruption. The ages listed are the typical ages that an adult tooth has fully emerged. UPPER and LOWER ERUPTS BY Central incisor 7th Yr Lateral incisor 8th Yr Canine (Cuspid) 11-12th Yr First premolar (Bicuspid) 9th Yr Second premolar(Bicuspid) 10th Yr First molar 6th Yr Second molar 12-13th Yr Third molar 17-25th Yr

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Qualities of a Great Dentist

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Top 10 Qualities of a Great Dentist People often dread a visit to the dentist. When a person finds a dentist they like, they become committed to that dentist for life

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Dentistry 101

More here: Dentistry 101

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Why Dentists Take Dental X-Rays

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    Many people wonder why it’s so important for their dentist to take x-rays of their teeth.

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